Automower 415X
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New 4G Automower® Boards

An Important update regarding new 4G boards for Automower® models.

In 2022, most telecom carriers within the United States will discontinue the use of the 3G cellular network. This is significant to Automower® owners for 2 reasons:

  • Loss of ability to control your Automower® away from your home. Husqvarna Automower® units currently use a 3G connection to pair your phone to the Automower® when you are away from home. You will still be able to connect and operate your Automower® with your phone at home with a Bluetooth connection, however this connection will fail as you leave the range of your home network.
  • Loss of ability to track your Automower® if stolen. Husqvarna also uses a 3G connection to allow tracking of your Automower® if it leaves your property. 

In order to maintain the full connectivity of your Automower®, Husqvarna will upgrade your Automower® unit at no charge to you. We will install a 4G connect card, upgrade your software and even replace your mower blades for free! This applies to select cellularly connected mowers registered on Husqvarna website prior to February 2022.

Please contact your local Husqvarna dealer or call 1-833-991-ROBO to speak to a Husqvarna representative to see if your Automower® is eligible for an upgrade.