Zone control: personalize your lawn with total control and flexibility

Seamlessly support your unique lawn preferences with zone control. AIM Technology lets you easily create and virtually control zones within the Automower® Connect app – without the need to adjust your existing installation.

Define and name different work areas and tailor settings such as time schedules and cutting heights to optimize the performance of your yard – all from your mobile device.

For models not supported by AIM Technology, other Automower® Zone Control solutions are available, including Automower® Temporary Fence.

*AIM Technology is available on Automower® models 415X, 435X AWD & 535 AWD.

Automower AIM / Zone Control
High precision
AIM Technology creates a virtual map of your lawn using onboard GPS sensors – enabling high accuracy when viewing the guide wires, boundary wire and the mowers position in the virtual map.
Automower AIM / Zone Control
Create stay-out zones
AIM Technology allows you to customize your lawn according to your yards changing needs. For example, avoid certain areas for biodiversity reasons, avoid areas with newly sown grass or just adapt the cut to suit your preferences.
Automower AIM / Zone Control
Create and control work areas
AIM Technology enables you to accurately define and create work areas –allowing Automower® to act according to area settings such as different cutting times and heights.