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Things to keep in mind when buying a snow blower

Tired of shoveling snow? If you’re looking for a new snow blower (snow thrower), here are a few things to think about before your purchase.

When choosing a snow blower there are two main things to consider: the size of the area you want to clear and the typical snow conditions in your part of the country. A snow blower with a powerful engine and wide working width will save you time if the area is large and covered in deep, heavy snow. Smaller areas covered in dry snow are easily cleared with a compact snow blower. The Husqvarna range of snow blowers includes several different engine sizes, and working widths from 21-30 inches.

Single-stage snow blowers for smaller areas

For clearing driveways and narrow walkways from new snow, a single-stage snow blower will serve you well. Husqvarna’s 100-series snow blowers with their compact size are user-friendly and make transportation and storage easy.

Two-stage throwers for heavy snow and larger spaces

The two-stage models are the most effective for clearing heavy and packed snow. Two-stage means that the snow moves through the machine in two steps; first through the auger screw before being discharged through the chute by an impeller fan. The two-stage models also have powered wheels.

A few other things to consider when you buy a snow blower:

A snow blower with power steering is easier to maneuver. Select Husqvarna snow blowers feature convenient trigger control power steering that allows you to operate each wheel/track separately, providing superior maneuverability and room for tight 180° turning.

  • For trouble-free cold starting, you might consider buying a model with electric start. Simply connect the machine to a power outlet and press a button to start the engine. It’s a great help, especially on those really cold days and no need to worry about a dead battery.

  • For more comfortable operation when the temperatures are really low, choose a snow thrower with heated handles.
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