Husqvarna Genuine Spare Parts


Tested for quality

High performance

High performance

Long-term reliability

Use genuine parts from authorized Husqvarna service dealers

Husqvarna's product development always starts with a focus on you, our end user. The goal is to make your work less strenuous and more efficient. That’s why every part in a Husqvarna machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its optimal interaction with all other components. As a result, genuine Husqvarna parts not only outlive generic ones, but they're safer, more reliable and easier on your machine in the long run.

Don't settle for generic results. Use genuine spare parts and follow the recommended service schedule to extend the lifespan – and maximize the performance – of your Husqvarna product.

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Husqvarna parts are rigorously tested to ensure they interact smoothly with your equipment, ensuring optimum performance at all times. Using only genuine Husqvarna parts and accessories will help you avoid unexpected downtime and repairs.

Air Filter - powercutters

Air filters

For a longer lasting machine, let your engine breathe by using only genuine Husqvarna air filters. Our filters provide superior protection and keep dust and other particles from entering your engine. Genuine Husqvarna air filters are precisely tailored to the relevant engines, providing them with precisely the right amount of purified air.

Make sure your product is ready for any environment. Find Husqvarna air filters at your local Husqvarna location.

  • Precisely tailored to your Husqvarna product's engine

  • Optimum filtration blocks up to 99% of dust and debris

  • Safeguards the performance and longevity of the engine

  • Swedish engineering delivers high air flow with excellent filtration


Genuine Husqvarna belts are made of highly engineered aramid cords. Able to withstand the heaviest loads — more than 2000 lbs. of tension — our belts resist stretching over time, delivering a well-tensioned drive and reduced belt wear. As a result, you can expect smoother blade engagement and consistent power to the mower deck.

Plus, Husqvarna’s application-specific design process and rigorous testing standards promise a perfect fit that prevents slippage and inconsistent blade speed. We test our belts on the real machines and conditions our customers will experience. Each belt is visually inspected for surface defects or other indicators of processing problems, ensuring you receive a high-quality belt that lasts.

  • High transmission of power

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • High material strength and abrasion resistance

  • Quiet, smooth and vibration-resistant performance

Mulch Blades


Husqvarna recommends using only genuine blades on our professional and residential mowers. Using a generic blade in a Husqvarna machine can cause premature breakage and unexpected wear due to improper blade height and angling. Plus, many ordinary blades leave grass looking broken and unhealthy.

Each of our premium blades is forged with hardened steel and designed to maximize the cut quality of our mowers. Don’t settle for second best. Visit a Husqvarna location to find the right blade for your machine.

  • Manufactured by Husqvarna

  • Blades hardened up to the center to boost durability 

  • Designed to fit specific cutting decks and deliver high performance

  • Engineered to reduce the noise level during operation

Fuel filters

For a longer engine life, we recommend using Husqvarna fuel filters. Generic and old fuel filters may become clogged, obstructing the flow of fuel. To avoid such emergencies, replace the fuel filter once each season with a genuine Husqvarna part.

The outstanding efficiency of Husqvarna fuel filters protects your machine’s engine from damage by maintaining a cleaner fuel system, straining out more foreign particles before they can reach the carburetor.

  • High filtering capacity protects engine from damage

  • Synthetic fiber reinforcement promotes a longer operational life

  • Accurate fit enables easy installation

  • Environmentally-friendly construction
XP+ 2-Stroke Oil


Husqvarna oils are uniquely optimized for Husqvarna engines. Unlike generic oils, our oils contain a blend of synthetic and highly refined mineral oils which, when combined with our specially developed additives, deliver perfect lubrication. The result is a cleaner engine that performs more consistently season after season.

Choose the engine protection offered only by premium Husqvarna brand lubricants.

  • Wide range of oils to match every product

  • Blend of synthetic and highly refined mineral oils

  • Husqvarna two-stroke oils that meet our strict requirements are labelled VEF (Verified Engine Formula)

  • Keep your engine in peak condition season after season