X-Guard Low Temp Bar & Chain Oil


Product Description

Husqvarna X-Guard Premium Bar and Chain Oil has been designed to provide ultimate protection to cutting equipment while operating a chainsaw. Formulated from virgin base stock oils, Husqvarna’s X-Guard lubricant reduces friction and wear on cutting bars and chains, extending the life of cutting equipment. X-Guard’s reduced sling formulation includes a premium tackifier additive, which ensures the lubrication is maintained on the cutting equipment for optimal performance.

Husqvarna’s X-Guard Low Temp Formula is recommended for prolonged chainsaw use in colder conditions. This formulation provides superior cutting equipment protection while operating a chainsaw in temperatures as low as 15⁰ F (-9⁰ C).

Product Information

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HUS X-Guard LowTemp B&C Oil - 3.78 L

SKU: 593 15 33‑01

Product Data
HUS X-Guard LowTemp B&C Oil - 3.78 L
SKU: 593 15 33‑01