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5 reasons to consider an Automower® for your property maintenance

Curious about the benefits of commercial Automower® robotic lawn mowers? Here are five of the most commonly cited reasons that property managers like you are choosing Automower® for their professional lawn maintenance.

Commercial grounds maintenance has evolved. From the equipment that’s used to manage green spaces to the ways in which professionals are hired, the industry continues to change with the times. Cutting-edge innovations like commercial-ready battery equipment and robotic lawn mowers are disrupting ”business as usual,” with big, obvious upsides for grounds crews and property managers.

At the forefront of this change is the growing popularity of the world leader in residential and commercial robotic lawn mowing, Husqvarna’s Automower®.

Whether you've seen for yourself what Automower® can do or you're curious about a new and exciting technology, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five of the most commonly cited reasons that green space managers are choosing to add Automower® to their fleets.

1. Ensures a perfect turf 24/7

Although mowing the grass is only a single part of landscape maintenance, it's a highly important one. Other tasks such as hedge trimming, mulching, flower gardening and even weed control can be skipped every now and then without people taking notice. But if the grass on your property looks unkempt, you're bound to hear about it. And unfortunately, the appearance of turf grass is not always under your control, with delays frequently being caused by uncontrollable factors such as:

  • Weather
  • Special events
  • Changes in work force or contractors
  • Changes to maintenance contracts

But what if there was a more dependable way to ensure a professional looking property at all times?

With Automower® robotic mowers on a property, you'll be assured of 24/7 lawn maintenance. Grass will always have a freshly cut look as your Automower® fleet maintains the turf— day and night, and rain or shine. Pljus, thanks to Husqvarna Fleet Services™ – which comes standard on all commercial Automower® models – managing your robotic fleet is a more efficient process than ever before.

2. Guarantees reliable help

Good help can be hard to find. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a grounds crew member who you could always count on, guaranteed?

Automower® offers you exactly such reliability. Automower® handles lawn maintenance autonomously, cutting grass on a predetermined schedule and returning to the charging station as needed. All you have to do is change the blades and store your units during the winter! The days of call outs, cancellations and worrying about the reliability of contractors is over.

3. Reduces costs

Here’s something you probably already knew: landscape maintenance can be expensive. The costs of professional equipment and labor is often extremely high, as are the costs of hiring a maintenance crew to mow your property.

A commercial Automower® fleet will reduce your overhead by eliminating the need for traditional equipment and maintenance. And if you work with a maintenance company, you'll free up that crew to focus on alternative tasks such as hedge trimming, chemical applications and tending to ornamental plants.

4. Represents a proven commercial solution

As word about their advantages spreads nationally, Automower® robotic mowers are finding homes in unexpected places. Property managers who may have never considered using commercial robotics are installing fleets of Automower® units on their turf. Some of the unexpected properties where you can find Automower® at work today include:

  • Commercial properties such as airports and business parks
  • College and university campuses
  • Government properties and secure facilities
  • Schools
  • Athletic fields

No matter where you're interested in installing a commercial Automower®, Husqvarna has a solution to suit your needs.

5. Creates a quieter, more eco-friendly and secure property

Property managers across the country are looking for ways to improve the quality of air in their green spaces while reducing their carbon footprint and allowing them to broadcast their green energy priorities. At the same time, noise pollution presents a real challenge as well, with the loud and deafening noise produced by gasoline-powered lawn mowers and handheld equipment becoming increasingly unpopular. Not to mention that regulations are in place regarding these issues in many places, with more are sure to follow in the years to come.

Commercial Automower® units solve the problems of both noise and pollution simultaneously. As a battery-powered technology, Automower® produces zero direct emissions and is incredibly quiet— it can even work at night without disturbing its surroundings!

In addition, Automower® reduces the number and frequency of workers on your property, which creates a safer and more secure space.

In conclusion: Automower® is a smart option for your professional lawn maintenance that ensures a perfect cut 24/7, eliminates labor pressures, reduces costs, represents a fully proven solution and creates a quieter, safer and more eco-friendly property.