Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers

CEORA™ Starter Kit

CEORA™ Starter Kit - 970 71 18‑01


  • Charging station
  • Wheel brushes
  • Cutting deck
    CEORA™ RZ 43M
  • Reference Station
  • Drive unit

Not included

  • Extra blades

Product Description

Get professional-quality turf without the work with CEORA™. These top-of-the-line robotic mowers feature Husqvarna EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables them to work within virtual boundaries, instead of physical ones. Designed for large-area mowing, CEORA™ can cover up to 6 acres with a pro sports quality cut or up to 18 acres with a regular quality cut. And with virtually-silent operation and zero emissions, CEORA™ does the ground work so your crew can focus on the details. This kit includes everything you need to get started with CEORA™, including a CEORA™ 546 EPOS™ drive unit, Razor 43M cutting deck, CS4 charging station, charging station support plate, wheel brush kit and an EPOS™ reference station.

Product Information

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CEORA™ 546 EPOS + Razor 43M + CS4 etc.

SKU: 970 71 18‑01

CEORA™ 546 EPOS + Razor 43M + CS4 etc.
SKU: 970 71 18‑01
Charging systemAutomatic
Search systemEPOS guidance
Follow guideVirtual transport path
Product Data
ColourOrange, Grey
Battery typeLi-Ion
Battery capacity49 Ah
Cutting System
Cutting system3 discs with 5 pivoting blades
GPS Theft trackingYes
PIN codeYes
User InterfaceProfessional User Interface/App
Lift sensorYes
Tilt sensorYes
Ultrasonic sensorYes