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Automower® robotic lawn mowers for home builders

Offer your buyers something unique – peace and quiet, no emissions, and a maintenance-free lawn with Automower®.

Automower 450XH

Create a more peaceful place to live

Are you a home builder who wishes to: Stand out from the competition? Create a quieter neighborhood? Add a profitable builder option to your homes? If so, Automower® is the perfect solution. You can offer your buyers a maintenance-free lawn 24/7 when you include Automower® with their purchase of a new home.

Offer an attractive smart home upgrade

Automower® is an innovative, smart home technology solution that gives homeowners a maintenance-free lawn, along with the most precious commodity of all: more free time. Increase your profit margins by offering prospective buyers the convenience of Automower® as a bonus or builder option.

Amazon Alexa, Automower 435X AWD

Ensure peace and quiet

New home buyers look forward to owning their own homes. Automower® ensures their property will feel like a relaxing place of peace and quiet, thanks to its safe, emissions-free and virtually silent operation.