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Husqvarna gas leaf blowers

Whether clearing leaves or cleaning up your garden, Husqvarna gas leaf blowers are perfect for keeping outdoor spaces tidy. With our wide range of gas blowers, you’ll find a machine that suits your needs.

Blower 125BV 952711902

Pure power that’s easy to handle

With big jobs, the last thing you need is bulky equipment that is hard to handle. That’s why we design our gas leaf blowers with performance and ease of use in mind. Husqvarna gas leaf blowers come with reliable X-TORQ® engines, which deliver 1.6kW of pure power. They are also fitted with a highly efficient fan that allows the airflow to speed up instantly and effortlessly.

Blower 570 BTS

A natural fit

Easy to use, lightweight and efficient, our gas leaf blowers are built for comfort and performance. Husqvarna gas leaf blowers come with adjustable, ergonomic handles for a better, more natural grip, while LowVib® dampeners reduce vibrations so you can work longer and in comfort.

Blower 525BX

Improved design for peace of mind

If you’re looking to buy a gas leaf blower but have concerns over its effect on the environment, we can offer you peace of mind. We have specifically designed our gas leaf blowers to reduce pollution and improve fuel efficiency by up to 20% compared to standard gas models.