Chainsaw Chains

X-CUT S83G, 3/8 pitch, .050 gauge

Cutter profile
Semi chisel
Added feature
Guarded drive link

Product variant

SAW CHAIN S83G Semi chisel 3/8" 1.3 mm, US/CA
Art no: 585 63 90‑68

Tough with low kickback

The new X-CUT S83G is a semi chisel, 3/8” pitch, .050” gauge, guarded chain designed, built and tested right next to our Husqvarna chainsaws. A robust and pre-stretched semi-chisel chain with guarded drive link for reduced kick-back and with a sharpness that lasts longer, high cutting efficiency and less need for maintenance, all saving you both time and costs. Thanks to the semi chisel cutter profile it’s less sensitive to dirt and easy to file. Like all X-Cut chains it’s equipped with a golden tie-strap, indicating the logger where to start and stop filing. With this reliable X-CUT chain you will be ready to cut more in less time straight out of the box.