A handy tool for reducing CO2 emissions

We’re continuously updating our digital management tool Husqvarna Fleet Services™. One of its latest features is the Carbon Footprint Calculator that helps green space organisations to calculate the carbon footprint of their machine fleet – and take actions to lessen their environmental impact.

As part of our ambition to develop sustainable products and solutions, we introduced the Carbon Footprint Calculator during 2019. The new feature is part of Husqvarna Fleet Services™ – a smart software solution that collects data from the machine fleet. Giving green space managers insights to analyse trends and identify improvement areas to increase productivity. The carbon footprint is broken down into application area, product category, engine type and location.

Connected equipment for a hassle-free workday

Husqvarna Fleet Services™ is an easier way to – through machine sensors or built-in connectivity – keep track of all sorts of equipment (even those from other manufacturers). The equipment data is transmitted via Bluetooth® or cellular connection and uploaded to a cloud-based account where you can access it from your phone, tablet or laptop.

All vital information is always close at hand

With just a few taps or clicks on the screen, you have access to this:

Inventory control

A complete overview of all equipment broken down by machine category, subcategory and model – easily accessible for all users in the company.

Machine location

Locate and transfer equipment between different locations, and identify and retrieve equipment which has not checked in at the end of the day.

Machine statistics

Business insights on seasonal, weekly and daily usage for every piece of equipment in the fleet broken down by application areas.

Service overview

Access to service history and overview of which machines are due for service. Allows fact-based repair strategy and decision on replacement.

Automower® control and diagnostics

You can see all robotic mowers on a map, trouble-shoot as well as start, stop, change cutting height or adjust schedule – for one or several mowers at a time.

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