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The final cut – how to prepare your lawn for the winter

Winter is coming and it’s time for the last cut of the season. But before you let your lawn have its well earned rest, here are some tips on preparations you can do now – to get a jump start the next grass growing season.

Clear the ground

Autumn is the perfect time in the lawn care schedule to lay the groundwork for a lush and healthy lawn for next year. Start by clearing away any leaves, dead grass and other debris that can prevent healthy grass growth. Go over the lawn surface firmly with a rake to remove any embedded moss.

Make room for air

The grass roots need air to grow. Use an aerator to make the soil less dense, making it easier for the roots to breathe and for water and nutrients to reach them. Aerating also helps to break down thatch.

Feed the soil

With summer’s heat and dryness at an end, your soil is hungry for new energy. Do a soil test to find out exactly what kind of fertilisers it needs, then recharge it with nutrients that will make it lush and green the next season.

Cut it right

You have a lot to gain from leaving the grass at an appropriate height when it’s time for your lawn to take its winter rest. If you raise the mowing height slightly for the final cut of the season, the longer grass blades will provide some insulation for the grass plant, which is beneficial when entering the colder season.