An Illustrated Guide to Garden Arches and Arbours

Looking for Garden Arch inspiration? Try our illustrated guide to garden arches and arbours, designed with expert horticulturalist and author, Sue Fisher. We cover every style of arch available, as well as advice on climbing plants & flowers suitable for your arch – even the edible varieties.

Whether they are nestling into leafy foliage or adorning a humdrum patio area, garden arches upgrade any outdoor space. Not only do they add structure, garden arches also introduce hints of colour and perfumed notes – some even grow their own fruit and veg!

So, which style of garden arch will you opt for this summer? How about an open-framed metal arch wreathed in pretty pink roses? Or why not add fresh scents to pathways with a jasmine-festooned wooden arch? Let us help you decide.

Take a look below at how expert horticulturalist and author, Sue Fisher, turns the humble garden arch into a landscaper’s pride and joy. Pick your favourite plant pairing from our flower wheel and try your own look out.

Garden Arches and Arbours

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