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Top of your game

Specially designed for use by trained arborists, Husqvarna tree care chainsaws are the perfect choice when working in trees or off the ground. Renowned within the industry for having some of the best arborist equipment on the market, Husqvarna offers both battery and petrol-powered chainsaws ideal for a variety of challenging environments.

*Users of top handle chainsaws are required to show an appropriate certificate of competence before purchasing any arborist chainsaw.

Chainsaw T540XP, T540 XP

Increased productivity, reduced running costs

Husqvarna's petrol-powered tree care chainsaws are fitted with innovative engine technology to boost your productivity. With the automatic engine management system AutoTune™, our arborist chainsaws automatically compensate for air filter condition, fuel mix, altitude and weather conditions to ensure optimal performance - reducing stoppages and downtime. The X-Torq® engines deliver a great power and torque thanks to highly efficient combustion.

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When an easy start is high priority

When working high up in a tree, the last thing arborists need is a chainsaw that is difficult to start. That's why Husqvarna tree care chainsaws come with many helpful features that make starting quick and easy. For example, the helpful auto-return stop switch is there to ensure that the machine is always ready to run and prevents engine flooding, whilst our battery-powered arborist chainsaws feature an intuitive press and go keypad.