Summer maintenance - get your lawn mower ready for summer.

With the right maintenance, your mower can live well and strong for about 15 years. With the peak season of mowing approaching: here are Husqvarna’s best tips on how to care for your machine.

Summer action plan

To improve the condition of your lawn mower and to get as much as possible out of it this season, we’ve put together a checklist of mower maintenance tips.

1. Make sure the fuel tank is empty

Fuel should never be kept in the tank for more than about a month. If there is still fuel in the tank left from last season, drain all the fuel from the lawn mower fully before use.

2. Check and change the oil

Make sure you put a bucket that holds at least a litre underneath the machine. Empty it and refill it with oil of good quality, preferably the one recommended in the instructions for your machine. Use a dipstick to measure that the oil is back on the right level once you’re done. Check your operator’s manual for information about the correct type of oil to use. We recommend Husqvarna lubricants for best result.

3. Sharpen the blades

Seize the opportunity when there is no oil in the machine to remove and sharpen the blades. You need a socket wench to take off the blades and a grinder tool or a flat file for sharpening them. Or let Husqvarna’s nearest servicing dealer do the job if you find it tricky. It’s definitely worth the effort and will make the mowing easier.

4. Clean the air filter

A common mistake is to use some sort of a liquid to clean the air filter. The filter is made out of paper or foam, so liquids will destroy it. Use a compressor to clean it with air instead. A soft brush will work as well.

5. Change the spark plug

As a safety precaution, always disconnect the spark plug before working around the undercarriage. Spark plugs are inexpensive and we recommend replacing them every year or two.

6. Check the safety functions

Start the engine and make sure that the self-propelled system works as it is supposed to when you engage and disengage it and that the handle works properly.

7. Get a professional check-up

One way to make sure that your mower is in top working condition for the mowing season is to hand it in to a servicing Husqvarna dealer. They can help you drain the old gas from the mower, replace the air filter and spark plug and perform basic diagnostic tests.

Every time you mow

The very best thing you can do for your mower is to hand it in to a professional for a good service once in a while. To avoid long waiting times, a tip is to do this after the final cut of the season, when winter’s approaching.

Another thing is to tend to it after every usage. Make it routine to give your machine a good clean before you put it away. Newer Husqvarna mowers are equipped with a cleaning system. You just connect a hose to the cutting deck and turn on the engine. While the blade is running, the water will be smashed around the deck and take out all the debris and dirt of the mower.

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