How to clean the cutting deck on a 400 series Husqvarna Rider

Watch our short video to discover the quick and simple way to clean the cutting deck on a 400 series Husqvarna Rider.

Husqvarna 400 series rider is an excellent choice for estate owners, sports clubs and hotels where professional power, comfort and capacity is required. These All-Wheel Drive ride-on lawn mowers will handle the work with superb results and above all, ease of use. Cleaning and maintaining these riders is no different. That's easy too.

1. Hose off the housing and top of the cutting deck

Hose off the top of the cutting deck of your 400 series rider removing any dirt or grass clippings.

2. Move cutting deck into the service position

Remove the cutting decks drive belt and move to one side. Un-clip the cutting deck, pull and lift into the vertical service position and secure.

3. Hose the underside of the cutting deck

Using a hose wash down the cutting blades and cutting deck removing any dirt and grass clippings.

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