Petrol lawn mowers from Husqvarna

Ideal for home or professional use, our push-powered and self-propelled petrol mowers are known for their superior power and high-grade cutting performance.


Make light work of any lawn

Traditional petrol lawn mowers can be heavy and hard to work. Husqvarna petrol lawn mowers are made with lightweight aluminium, so they are lighter and easier to use while remaining durable. Ergonomic handlebars and easy-to-reach bail arms make them simple to manoeuvre, while ReadyStart technology ensures you can always get to work with minimal effort.

Walk-behind LC 347VI / Woman mowing grass

Built to last, easy to maintain

Husqvarna petrol lawn mowers are built using tough, professional-grade components, such as corrosion-resistant chassis and aluminium. And as our petrol lawn mowers are built to last, maintenance and servicing costs are kept to a minimum.

Suburban PGE / Walk-behind / LC 356VP

A clean cut – every time

Our versatile range of petrol lawn mowers is designed to handle even the most demanding jobs without leaving a mess. A selection of cutting heights allows you to cut any type of grass, while a built-in dust blocker bag keeps dirt safely tucked away in the machine.