Shaping your very own haven

Your garden is your sanctuary. It’s a place for rest and play. But it’s also your where you can set your creativity free to shape and recreate your surroundings.
No matter if you’re going for a luxurious orangery or aiming for the healthiest lawn, we’ve got your back with tools and experience you can rely on.
  • Striped lawn
  • Renovating the lawn
  • Landscaping

    Renovating the lawn

    When the weedkiller doesn’t bite and the brown patches take over, it’s easy to start doubting if your garden will ever look the same. But there’s hope. You can always start over with a lawn renovation.
    • Time: Depending on size of lawn and machines used
    • Effort: Medium
    • Level: Advanced
    Learn more about the lawn
  • Husqvarna connect hand and gloves
    Lawn and Garden

    Gardening tools are replaced by gardening apps

    When students now are developing robots along with an artificial intelligence system to produce food for astronauts on Mars, the technological developments down on earth don't seem as frightening when put in perspective. That big step from inside the comfort zone to outside of it always seems bigger. But once you take that step it's crystal clear of how greener the grass on the other side actually is.

  • Apple Watch AM 330X
    Lawn and Garden

    What does your garden do when you are not at home?

    Home automation is making its way out the back door to the garden. Thanks to new loT technology, your robotic lawn mower and other gardening devices can now communicate with each other and be controlled through your phone - making the garden the latest home environment to become digitalized.

  • Automower App. version 2
    Lawn and Garden

    Follow what your garden is up to in real time

    There is a constant flow of information in our lives, caused entirely by technology and social media. The trends vary quickly - from one day to the other. Being right in the middle of where the magic happens is the place to aim for.

  • 450X
    Lawn and Garden

    Intelligent and world-leading technology in one smart robot

    Husqvarna’s development of robotic lawn mowers for the past two decades has turned the company into a starstudded juggernauts within the gardening realm. Their latest range of robotic lawn mowers has yet again turned gardening on its head – transforming lawn mowing into a leisurely spectator sport.

  • Battery pack
    Tools to use

    Get more done with the Husqvarna Battery Series

    Gone are the days of disturbing the surroundings with your work. The machines in the Husqvarna Battery Series open up a whole new world of possibilities for you to get the work done – both outdoors and in.

  • Testimonial Australia
    From professionals

    Horticulturist Melissa McPherson on the Husqvarna 525 trimmer: "I can go all day and not even flinch"

    Ergonomics, fuel efficiency and a machine that's a pleasure to work with. Those are the things that make the Husqvarna 525 trimmer worth bickering about, according to horticulturist Melissa McPherson. "My apprentice and I fight over it every day", says Melissa McPherson and adds: "I always win".

  • Brushcutter off set post
    Tools to use

    Husqvarna's trimmers and brushcutters – designed to make your business better

    Reduce the weight and increase the efficiency. That's at the top of our list when we at Husqvarna develop new features for our trimmers and brushcutters. Here's a closer look at what we've invented to make your business better.

  • Book shelves

    A Quick Guide to Chainsaw Carving

    The noble and fast-growing art of chainsaw carving dates back to the ancient art of woodcarving, modernised during the 1950’s by the first chainsaw artists.

  • Automower X-line Led Lights

    Treat your Husqvarna Automower® to an all-inclusive winter stay

    Give your Automower® a good service before putting it to winter rest at one of our Husqvarna dealers. They will store it and make sure it is charged and ready when the new season arrives.