Brushcutter and Trimming Clothes, Operator

Professional brushcutters from Husqvarna

Husqvarna professional brushcutters are thoroughly tested to ensure that emissions and vibrations are at a minimum, while performance remains exceptional. We've angled the handlebar by seven degrees and included extra-high offset posts, so you can work comfortably with minimal effort. And with our X-torque technology, you get more power with 20% less fuel consumption and 75% lower emissions.

Prepare for a better workday

Husqvarna’s full range of professional battery products will supply a wide number of benefits – not only for you, but just as much for your customers and people in your surroundings. The battery-powered brushcutters and trimmers are powerful enough to take on heavy-duty tasks, adding general battery benefits such as the absence of emissions. Thanks to low noise and minimal vibrations, they will provide an easier, better workday.

Brushcutter sweep diameter

Extend the cutting surface

With our brushcutters you can cut a significantly larger area compared to most other machines, due to an optimized transmission and powerful engine with an impressive gear ratio. The machine has the power to pull round a much longer trimmer line, giving you more clearing diameter per revolution.

Brushcutter 545RXT

Designed to improve your business

Reduce the weight and increase the efficiency. That's at the top of our list when we at Husqvarna develop new features for our trimmers and brushcutters. Here's a closer look at what we've invented to make your business better.