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Husqvarna Kenya - Ready When You Are

Since starting out in 1689, Husqvarna Group has manufactured a wide range of quality products. Excellent engineering skills, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for quality products has led to innovative solutions, successfully taking the company from weapons to today’s cutting-edge outdoor power products.

“For over 327 years Husqvarna has developed and manufactured quality products to help users achieve great results. Going forward, we will continue to challenge existing solutions and deliver high performing products with the needs of the user in mind,” says Dylan Lane, Regional Director of Husqvarna Africa.

Our heritage

In the late 1600’s, the wars that raged across Europe resulted in an increase in Sweden’s weapons production. Hydropower was required in the manufacturing process so in 1689, a drilling works was established beside the water falls of the little town of Huskvarna (at that time spelled Husqvarna) in southern Sweden, where many of Husqvarna’s products are still produced today.

As the need for weapons declined, the company branched out into a whole new set of products ranging from sewing machines, hunting weapons, wood stoves, mincing machines, bicycles, motorcycles, gas stoves, microwave ovens and much more.

Environmental and ergonomic concerns

Husqvarna’s early way of “thinking outside the box”, is well exemplified by the development of Husqvarna’s first chainsaw.

Existing chainsaws at the time caused problems with noise pollution. By using motorcycle muffler technology, which was developed in-house, the noise level of the Husqvarna 90 was cut down to half that of the contemporary competition. Soon afterwards, this solution was followed by, new inventions like anti-vibration that prevented “vibration white fingers” disease and the first automated chain brake.

Throughout the years, Husqvarna has proved its technological leadership by introducing ground-breaking and award-winning solutions and products:

  • X-Torq®, predominantly used in handheld products, delivers lower fuel consumption and reduced exhaust emission levels, in accordance with the world´s most stringent environmental regulations.
  • AutoTune™, a technological and environmental breakthrough in professional chainsaws, which minimizes exhaust emissions and optimizes engine performance, omitting the need to spend time on carburettor adjustments.
  • Battery powered products that are light weight, quiet and free from direct emissions but still offer petrol performance.
  • Robotic lawn mowers: silent, self-operating mowers that free up time for homeowners and facility managers and consume very little energy.

Today, Husqvarna products are hard at work in parks, forests, construction sites, farms, small holdings, estates, golf courses and homes around the world - giving craftsmen as well as hobby users the confidence to perform at the highest level.

Authorised Husqvarna distributor, Husky Outdoor Equipment - East Africa has been selling Husqvarna outdoor power products for over 20 years.  With 10 dealerships in Kenya and additional distribution points in Uganda and Tanzania, the Husky Outdoor Equipment team is well equipped to deal with all your power product requirements – irrespective of whether you are looking for professional forestry equipment, commercial products for the agricultural, landscaping or construction sectors or garden equipment for the homeowner.

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