Husqvarna, world leaders in robotic mowing, is thrilled to unveil its partnership with Liverpool FC – an iconic football club.

Husqvarna joins the Liverpool FC squad

Why Liverpool FC and Husqvarna robotic mowers?

When dawn breaks at the AXA Training Centre, the pursuit of perfection starts. You can see, hear, and feel it. Players push their limits to prepare for the next battle on the pitch. Coaches carefully refine tactics and fine-tune skills to ensure victory. And all over the place, the club employees work equally hard to create the ideal conditions for peak performance. This applies not least to the eminent ground staff. For the past two years, they have been empowered by Husqvarna Automower® robotic lawn mowers, helping them maintain the facilities with precision and ease. The genuine interest and appreciation the club has shown for our technology sparked the beginning of an official partnership

Shared passion for precision and performance

Liverpool FC, with its proud heritage and commitment to success, and Husqvarna, with its pioneering spirit and dedication to innovation, are now united. Our shared values are strong and clear. The quest for perfect results. The preparations and hard work leading up to it. The devotion to outstanding performance and a clearly higher standard. All these things have shaped our histories and established us as leaders in fiercely competitive fields. Today, Husqvarna is a globally leading brand, known for innovative robotic lawn mowers that deliver superior precision and performance. Liverpool FC not only has an impressive collection of trophies in their prize cabinet but also boasts a huge global fanbase and is the most watched team in Europe. Husqvarna will become the official grounds keeping partner of LFC, the first partnership of its kind for both parties.

Get it right

Husqvarna – robotic mowers that actually work

With 30 years of experience in robotic mowing we know how to get things right. Professionals like Liverpool FC benefit from our cutting-edge solutions, as do millions of homeowners worldwide. While they spend their time how they want, Husqvarna Automower® robotic mowers quietly and independently mow their lawns with unmatched efficiency. With every aspect of mowing optimised, innovative features and the possibility to choose a wire free installation with virtual boundaries, everything is set for a perfect lawn experience. Find out more about why we are world leaders in robotic mowing and explore our range.


A perfect pitch every day

Create perfect conditions and good results for your football club by expanding your team with Husqvarna robotic mowers. They deliver a consistently premium cut pitch and healthy turf quality while freeing up time to focus on more qualified tasks. The battery-powered robotic mowers work tirelessly and efficiently with no disturbing noise pollution and no direct emissions during use. And with low operational costs. Renowned clubs like Liverpool FC already use these advanced mowers as well as clubs of all sizes around the world.