Efficiency and ease of use

Ergonomics and power combine to make this backpack sprayer an efficient plant care partner.

Save yourself from harm

Finish without getting tired. Our sprayers have been ergonomically designed to spare your back and arms.
High performance

Improved operator speed

Commercial operations will benefit from increased output due to improved operator speed.

An invaluable tool for the agricultural sector

One of the most common forms of pesticide application in conventional agriculture is the use of mechanical sprayers, which is where the Husqvarna 325S25 Sprayer has started to build a reputation for being an invaluable tool.  Consistent with all Husqvarna products, durability, ergonomics and engineering take a lead role in the manufacture of products for the farming sector and the 325S25 is no exception.

Rugged, reliable and versatile

At Husqvarna, we believe that it’s not enough to simply create a product. Our objective is to introduce products that solve a problem and provide added value for end-users.  The 325S25 sprayer offers rugged durability, reduced downtime and the ability to satisfy a wide array of users and applications.  It’s a powerful sprayer with a large mixture tank making it well-suited to plant care work in Africa.  


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