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Solar/Turtle Mower
The world's first fully automatic lawn mower was launched. It created news headlines all over the world and generated great interest. The power supply with solar cells was unique for that time.
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1st Generation Automower®
The Automower® generation 1 was introduced. Battery operation made it possible to mow the grass around the clock regardless of weather and daylight. The mower returned automatically to the charging station when charging was required.
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2nd Generation Automower®
Second Generation Automower® was introduced. The design was all new and the technology was now better protected from the tough environment.
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Solar Hybrid
This was the first and so far only hybrid mower. It had solar cells but could also return to a charger to re-energize its battery. It could now gardens up to 2200m2.
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260 ACX
The 260ACX was able to cut bigger lawns, up to the size of football fields, and had ultrasonic sensors used for slowing down when approaching an object. It was also equipped with the first generation of connectivity, allowing text messages to be sent to the owner.
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The 305 was the first Automower® from the 3rd generation; a front wheel drive mower with a small footprint and suitable for lawns up to 600m2.
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320 and 330X
With the 320 and 330X the generation 3 technology was introduced on larger capacity mowers. Reliability and ease of use took a great step forward. The 330X came with GPS assisted navigation.
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Automower® Connect
Automower® Connect is a function enabling remote control and location surveillance of the mower from anywhere in the world through a smartphone app.
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430X and 450X

The 450X is launched and replaces the 265ACX. It handles complex gardens up to 5000m2 with a max incline of 45%. It comes standard with Automower® Connect, GPS assisted navigation and LED headlights. The 330X gets updated and becomes the 430X.

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Smart Home Integration and Voice Control
We integrated Automower® Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Enabling users with a smart home hub to have a voice controlled interaction with their mower. It also features Open API and the ability to connect the mower with IFTT to create customized smart home solutions.
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X-Line and 315X
Products with an "X" now always come standard with Automower® Connect, LED lights and a special design. The new 315X is the top model in the 300-series handling lawns up to 1600m2.
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435X AWD
Our latest mower in the X-line range. The 435X AWD manages gardens up to 3500m2 and navigates obstacles, rough terrain and slopes up to 70% with ease.
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For the US market we launched several products with a higher cutting height compared to our previous products. The premium segment 430XH, 450XH and the entry segment all-new 115H.
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NEW 305
In 2020 we launched a mower, perfect for smaller complex gardens up to 600m2. It handles narrow passages and slopes up to 40%. Equipped with weather timer and frost sensor.