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Things to consider when buying a ride on mower

A freshly mowed lawn indicates that you take pride in your property. Therefore, it also makes sense to take pride in your garden equipment. Whether you’re a commercial landscaper or simply a land owner, riding grass mowers can be highly beneficial to keep your garden looking tidy. However, with zero turn mowers, front mowers, riders and lawn tractors on the market, which machine should you invest in?

Ride-on mowers for commercial use

Commercial lawn mowers are constantly put to the test as they need to withstand long hours of operation and versatile conditions. Professional landscapers rely on superior quality machines to achieve perfectly manicured lawns for their clients and to fuel the revenue stream. Zero-turn riding lawn mowers, front mowers, riders and garden tractors from Husqvarna are profitable investments to a commercial fleet, allowing for ultimate versatility, efficiency and professionalism.  

Zero Turn Mowers

A zero turn sit on grass mower is a suitable option for commercial buyers due to the ability to cover more ground faster and minimises fatigue in comparison to other laborious machinery. Such machines are particularly convenient for managing larger open areas and wide horizons.  Husqvarna zero turn mowers are also equipped with efficient cooling systems that ensures optimal performance regardless of the weather and length of operation.

Garden Tractors

While zero turn mowers are an attractive option due to their ‘leave nothing behind’ mowing pattern, garden tractors also prove to be an appealing commercial investment. A riding mower of this kind has the ability to be outfitted with other gardening attachments, making it a versatile machine all year round. Accessories such as brooms and sprayers can be added to the machine, offering clients a full service and top level professionalism. Grass tractor blades are also easily replaceable, therefore ensuring the machine is ready to provide top quality cuts to the client every time.  

Front Mowers

Front mowers are also a perfect commercial asset as the machine offers unprecedented versatility. This riding grass mower is designed with a low centre of gravity, making it perfect for hilly areas and its steering capability allows the driver to easily manoeuvre around obstructions. The front mounted cutting deck also provides an excellent overview of the working area for the operator, enabling precise and meticulous trimming.  Like the garden tractor, front ride on mowers can also be equipped with further accessories providing the utmost practicality for the job. 

Ride on mowers for land owners

While ride-on mowers have significant value for commercial users, the machines are also highly beneficial to land owners. Ride on garden tractors are long lasting and less labour intensive in comparison to traditional push or self propelled mowers, and are comfortable for the average user to operate as it is similar to driving a car. 


Husqvarna riders are also a beneficial option for land owners who may need to manoeuvre around multiple obstacles. Each rider is fitted with a unique steering system that provides the operator with full control and adaptability. For a sloped landscape and hilly yards, land owners should consider a front mower equipped with stability and strength for problem free operation.

Some land owners may prefer to purchase a zero turn mower for their property due to their open design allowing for a clearer view of what’s ahead and convenient servicing. Husqvarna zero turn mowers also include rubber insulators for the hands, body and feet, perfect for the reduction of stress and fatigue.

When choosing the perfect sit on grass mower, it is imperative to consider the purpose of the job. While both zero turn mowers, front mowers, riders and garden tractors have many benefits for both commercial and at-home users, all Husqvarna ride own mowers are durable and effective to achieve a perfectly manicured lawn every time.

We recommend speaking with your local Husqvarna dealer to ensure you get expert advice on the right ride-on mower for you.
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