How to maintain and store a BLi-X 36 V battery

Properly maintaining and storing your Husqvarna battery is crucial for its longevity and performance.

BLi-X battery maintenance

  • Clean the battery terminals with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Do not keep the battery in the battery charger once it is fully charged.
  • Remove the battery from the product when not in use as well as during transportation.

BLi-X battery storage

  • Use tape on the contacts when you pack the battery in a package. Pack the battery tightly in a package to prevent damage and accidents during transportation.
  • Do not keep the battery in an area where static electricity may occur. Do not keep the battery in a metal box.
  • Put the battery in a dry, frost-free and clean space at the correct temperature.
  • Storage temperature should be 5–25°C (41–77°F). Do not store the battery in a hot car, in direct sunlight or in an unventilated shed or garage.
  • Charge the battery between 30% and 50% before you put it in storage for a longer time period.

Maintenance and storage of the BLi-X 36 V charger

  • Regularly clean the charger’s exterior and terminal to prevent dust build-up. Use a dry cloth or a soft brush.
  • Regularly check that the power cord is not damaged. Immediately disconnect the battery charger if the power cord is damaged.
  • When not in use, store the charger in a dry, frost-free and clean space at a temperature range between 5 and 25°C (41 and 77°F).
  • When charging is complete, disconnect the battery from the charger and unplug it. Leaving the charger connected for extended periods of time can strain it and reduce its lifespan.
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