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Refuelling, reinvented

Husqvarna’s unique 15-litre fuel can enables professional contractors to refuel their outdoor power products with ease and without wastage. Developed to make refuelling more efficient and effective, Husqvarna’s 15-litre fuel can simplifies what can often be a tricky and messy task.  

User comfort
The fuel can has multiple handles, strategically placed for optimal ergonomics when refuelling and handling the can. The innovative design gives the user a stable, two-handed grip, making the fuel can easy to lift, carry, and use. 
“The handles are placed to give optimum balance. The slim, cone-shaped design allows users to hold the can close to the body to minimise strain on the arms and shoulders,” said Mike Enderby, Product Manager, Husqvarna Australia.

Two-in-one spout system

The spout of the 15-litre fuel can has a two-in-one system making it easy to fill the tank without spillage. The spout automatically cuts off the fuel flow when the tank is full and the valve can be closed by simply lifting the can. 

Mechanical lock
The spout also features a mechanical lock to prevent unexpected opening and leakage. Even when turned upside down, the can will not leak fuel. 

Clear view
The can’s fuel level window enables users to visually check the fuel level inside the can. It also indicates convenient placement of the spout during transportation when the lid is being used. Other fuel cans are at risk of overfilling and spilling, as the can itself can hide the inlet of the tank. This means users must lower the can in order to see the level of fuel. 

“The fuel level window on Husqvarna’s 15-litre fuel can eliminates the need to repeatedly lift and lower the can when refuelling. By preventing spillage and leakage, the new fuel can is more economical and environmentally friendly,” said Mike Enderby.

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