Service Workshop

A Husqvarna quality feature - our service

There are many reasons to choose Husqvarna. One of them is that only authorized dealers sell our products. Husqvarna dealers make customer satisfaction a top priority, with expert advice, professional support and proactive maintenance throughout the product’s entire life cycle. There's a strong commitment to provide quality products and total solution offers while building solid, meaningful customer partnerships.

Contact your local Husqvarna dealer to find out how using Husqvarna products and dealer services can improve your company’s productivity and lower costs of operation.

Provided by university-trained technicians
Husqvarna University is a web-based learning management system for dealers in the industry. This unique tool enables our authorized dealers to regularly update their understanding of Husqvarna products and accessories, and continuously perfect their skills at service and repairs.
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Chainsaw 572 XP Cut up
Genuine spare parts from Husqvarna
Depending on which model you choose, your Husqvarna product can be made of more than a thousand parts, each made of the highest quality materials and design. By replacing them with only genuine original parts, you’ll ensure your Husqvarna maintains optimum performance and safety throughout its life cycle.
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Service Automower
Continuous service at your Husqvarna dealer
Servicing your machine on a continuous basis will minimize the risk of unexpected downtime. Service comprises a complete check-up, starting with a functionality check, which includes both the operational and safety system. To ensure the quality and integrity of your equipment we recommend only genuine Husqvarna spare parts. Finally, a test run is performed, and the unit is cleaned and delivered to you, along with a full maintenance service report.