Take your mowing to the next level

No matter the size of your lawn, the new X-Line range has the right one for you. If your lawn has a lot of complexity, GPS assisted navigation helps deliver a perfectly lush, even finish. Need the ability to configure, control or track your mower? Automower® Connect does the job via your smartphone. To top it off, the new X-Line design and LED headlights means your mower will look as good as your lawn.
Automower X-line GPS navigation

Intelligent navigation

GPS assisted navigation ensures automatic and uniform coverage on complex lawns - for a perfect looking lawn and easy installation.
Automower X-line Mobile connection

Mobile interaction

You can now control and configure the mower from anywhere in the world with the Automower® Connect app. It also features theft protection with GPS tracking.

Automower X-line Range vertical

Premium design

LED headlights improve visibility in low light, while rubber bumps protect its looks and reduce scratch marks. The unique X-Line orange wheel caps make sure it stands out in any neighbourhood.