Streamline the maintenance of facility and commercial property green spaces

Facility managers looking for better ways to maintain all green spaces around properties, need look no further. With the comprehensive Husqvarna range of machines and services, maintenance can be streamlined and made more efficient, while saving on costs and simultaneously providing residents and visitors with a better experience.
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Three centuries of experience and innovation

Husqvarna is a Swedish global brand with a 300+ years history of industry-leading innovation. We are market leaders in robotic mowers and in the forefront of the transition towards more sustainable ways of maintaining urban environments.
520iHE3 battery pole hedge trimmer, LB 548iV battery lawn mower

Top reasons to partner with us

  • A better environment – for everyone
    With next-to-silent battery equipment and autonomous mowers, disturbance is minimized. As an added bonus, the machines’ excellent ergonomics greatly improve operator workdays.
  • Increase efficiency, lower the costs
    Power and efficiency are built into the DNA of our products. All assets can be monitored via Husqvarna Fleet Services™, providing insights for increased cost control.
  • Free up time for more important tasks
    By switching to autonomous mowing solutions, you get 24/7 lawn maintenance, freeing up resources that can be redeployed to more qualified tasks.
  • A comprehensive offer of products and services
    No matter your needs, we can supply the best machine to get the job done. Our product range is always up for the challenge.

Robotic lawn mowers

Husqvarna is a world leader within robotic mowers and have provided reliable autonomous solutions since 1995. The battery powered mowers generate low noise levels, no direct emissions during use, and they produce a better grass quality, compared to conventional rotary mowers, thanks to their unique cutting system.

Stay in control – of mowing and costs

For managers of facility green spaces, switching to autonomous mowing solutions like Husqvarna Automower® or Husqvarna CEORA™ comes with many benefits. For example, the possibility to spend less time on mowing, which makes it possible to re-assign resources to more qualified tasks to produce even better end results while simultaneously lowering costs. Other benefits include.

  • Broad range for different area sizes and types
  • Manage steep slopes, up to 70%, with Husqvarna Automower® 535 AWD
  • Remote management via Husqvarna Fleet Services™.
  • Improved control of your running costs

Handheld power equipment

Husqvarna offers a wide range of handheld equipment for large-scale commercial landscaping and lawn care. Our products are ergonomic, easy-to-use and intuitive and will make it easy to be both productive and efficient.
Battery Backpack Blower 550iBTX

Husqvarna BLi-X 36V Battery System

With our flexible and powerful battery series, you can maintain urban areas with less disturbance, complying with emission regulations and cutting fuel costs.

  • Flexible and scalable system
  • Durable and hassle-free operation
  • All batteries fit all products

Front rotary mowers

Our wide range of mowers combine high cutting power, versatility and durability, and will help increase productivity doing all types of jobs.




Discover our services tailored for facility and commercial property green care operations, helping you to save time, increase productivity, improve your cash flow, and get full control of your fleet of landscaping and lawn care equipment.

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