Benefits of Husqvarna EPOS

Husqvarna EPOS, Exact Positioning Operating System, enables robotic mowers to operate within wireless boundaries with centimetre-level accuracy through RTK positioning.

Husqvarna EPOS is an ideal solution, offering flexibility and ease of use for homeowners and professionals across various settings such as football pitches, golf courses, city parks, company real estates. Paired with a reference station, it ensures precise systematic mowing in any grass area, making it suitable for locations with changing needs. Explore our range of boundary-wire-free robotic mowers for homeowners and a selection of our commercial robotic mowers.

Reference station @ golf course
Hassle-free virtual boundaries
  • Precise positioning without physical boundary wires.
  • The absence of physical boundary wires means no risk of wire breaks.
  • Hassle-free aerating, scarifying and turf repair.
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Flexible boundaries
  • Flexibility in defining work areas, boundaries and patterns.
  • Ample length of boundaries suitable for complex areas, including hard surfaces.
  • Create temporary stay-out zones for specific activities or events. 
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App-controlled configuration

See Husqvarna EPOS in action

Discover how easy it is to start using Husqvarna EPOS technology, allowing you to create virtual boundaries for work areas and stay-out zones, making your workday more efficient.

How does Husqvarna EPOS with RTK positioning work?

Husqvarna EPOS utilises satellite-based Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GNSS, which enables the creation of virtual boundaries. By utilising satellite navigation systems and at least two cooperating receivers - a reference station and a robotic mower - RTK ensures efficient mowing operations with optimal technical conditions. 

When the reference station receives its signal from the satellites, it calculates the difference between the satellites' position indication and the robotic mower's position. When the satellite signal has been corrected, the position is recalculated with centimetre-level accuracy.  

FAQ: Husqvarna EPOS and RTK positioning

Husqvarna EPOS achieves precise positioning through satellite-based Real RTK GNSS technology, which utilises at least two cooperating receivers - a reference station and a robotic mower. This system calculates the difference between satellite positions and the position of the robotic mower, correcting it with centimetre-level accuracy.

Through systematic mowing, possible through Husqvarna EPOS technology, grass-cutting efficiency is greatly enhanced by ensuring each blade of grass is cut only once. The systematic approach guarantees precise and methodical grass cutting, resulting in a visually appealing striped effect on the grass. Moreover, you have the option to adjust mowing patterns to suit your preferences.

To activate temporary stay-out zones with Husqvarna EPOS, you can use the app-based configuration options offered by Husqvarna Fleet Services™ and the Automower® Connect App. With these digital management tools, you can define temporary stay-out zones based on your specific needs or events, and easily activate or deactivate them as you please.