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What is Automower® Frost Guard & How Does It Work?

Weather in Australia is a funny thing. We can go from scorching hot days, of 35° or more, to days that are less than 16° within the same week. We go from harsh drought to floods within a single season, from bushfires to snow within months.

Australia’s harsh and varying weather conditions can wreak havoc on your garden, and especially your lawn. Too much heat and sun and your grass can shrivel and brown. Too much rain and the ground can get sodden, leading to rotting grass roots and an abundance of weeds. But there’s one harsh weather condition that can be especially damaging to your lawn - frost.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, “Radiation is the most common mechanism for frost formation in Australia. Frost occurs when the ground and ambient air cools down by the loss of heat to the atmosphere. This most commonly occurs under clear skies and with little or no wind.”

While there are different types of frost that occur in Australia, they all have the same effect on lawns. Essentially, frost will freeze the moisture inside the grass leaves, which can cause the leaves to swell and split. Heavy or repeated instances of frost will cause significant damage to your lawn and have it looking worse for wear, especially if you happen to mow your lawn while it is under a frost effect.

You may think that this could cause an issue for those with a robotic mower such as Automower®. After all, the point of a robotic mower is to mow at all hours to keep the lawn constantly looking its best. The thing is, the engineers at Husqvarna have thought ahead and have implemented a feature in Automower® called Frost Guard.

Frost Guard is a software feature that has been specifically developed to prevent Automower® from causing damage to your lawn during frosty conditions. If the frost guard is activated, the product is not allowed to start to cut the grass if the temperature is below 5 degrees celsius.

Just another smart feature that has become synonymous with Automower®, and another reason why Husqvarna continues to be the smarter choice.

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Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier Lawn

Smart features like Frost Guard are helping homeowners and greenspace businesses take back control of their lawns, saving both time and energy. With Husqvarna’s Automower® Connect Kit, owners can take advantage of advanced lawn care and security.

Setting up your Automower® with the Automower® Connect App can be done in a few simple steps, giving you access to a whole host of features such as IFTTT, start, stop and park, real-time location and service data. As the technology available continues to advance, it will become easier than ever to connect your smart home to your smart garden.

Start your journey toward a healthier lawn today with the Automower® by visiting your local Husqvarna dealer or viewing the full range online and discover more.