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How Do Husqvarna Automower® Weather Timer & Sensors Work?

Automower® is loaded with intelligent technology designed to help you get the most out of your lawn throughout the year. From GPS Assisted Navigation to inbuilt sensors, weather timers and smart home compatibility - a new era of robotic mowing is upon us.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for more information about Automower® and how it works or a professional greenspace professional searching for an advanced mower to boost productivity and efficiency, Automower® is the smart choice for the tech-savvy home and garden.

While most of the features are pretty self-explanatory, we’ll run through some of the most commonly asked Automower® questions covering the weather timer and sensors - so that you have all of the info you need to get started.

What is Automower® Weather Timer?

Automower® Weather Timer is a useful feature designed to optimise your mowing experience depending on the season. This timer automatically adjusts mowing hours to match the grass growth at any given time during the year. 

As an example, grass growth ramps up during wet humid periods, so Automower® will spend more time mowing at this time. As growth tends to be slower during cooler and drier periods, the weather timer modifies the routine, so less time is spent cutting when it’s not needed.

The weather timer ensures that Automower® doesn’t operate any longer than the hours scheduled and actively reduces cutting times during periods of slow growth. This enables it to maintain the health and professional finish of the lawn while minimising the power and time taken to do so. 

Can Automower® Work in the Rain?

Automower® is designed to be able to cut grass come rain or shine. One of the main benefits of Automower® and wet lawns is that it is powerful enough to get the job done yet light enough not to leave track marks or turn the soil. As the blades of grass are small and tender, it also continues to mulch - helping minimise wet and soggy grass on the surface of the lawn.

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What is Remote Object Detection?

Both Automower® 450X and 435X AWD come with remote object detection as standard. Using advanced ultrasonic technology, the robot lawn mower is able to detect objects in its cutting path and reduce speed. Once it has slowed down, it will gently bump into the object and then change course to continue mowing the lawn.

Remote object detection is beneficial for gardens that contain outdoor furniture, ornaments, pots and pets. When in operation, an ultrasonic wave is beamed into the projected cutting path, which bounces off objects and is then detected by Automower®. This works much in the same way as a proximity sensor and minimises the risk or damage due to full-speed collision.

What is Automower® Tilt and Lift Sensor?

Automower® features two different sensors that stop the blades from spinning when activated. Located on the rear chassis of the robot mower is the tilt sensor. If the mower is lifted from the rear when the rear cover is raised, the blades disengage until it is returned to the correct position. Likewise, the lift sensor is placed at the front of the robot mower, and if it is lifted off the ground when engaged, it turns the blades off. Automower® will attempt to restart roughly 20 seconds after being put into its normal position.

What is Automower® Collision Sensor?

Located adjacent to the rear wheels, the collision sensors work by stopping the forward movement of Automower®. It then backs up and changes its path, either left or right, to resume mowing. A notification of collision may be reported in the Automower® Connect App, helping you understand where and when collisions occur. The aim of the collision sensors is to keep objects on the ground safe while preventing damage to Automower® or disrupting its mowing schedule.

Can Automower® Navigate Narrow Passages?

Absolutely! Automower® X-line models create a virtual map of the lawn they are installed on using GPS technology. GPS is often found in SatNav systems, live maps, tracking devices and laptops and works by sending and receiving satellite signals sent from satellites orbiting Earth. This then enables Automower® to navigate its way around lawns and through narrow passages with impressive accuracy.

Can Automower® Mow at Night?

Automower® gets to work with extremely low decibel levels, making it a fantastic choice for lawns in noise-sensitive areas. Whether taking care of lawns in residential areas, on school grounds, in parks or around hotels, its whisper-quiet operation guarantees nobody is disturbed.

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Can I Control Automower® Remotely?

Automower® can be controlled in a variety of different ways, including via smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home and via the Automower® Connect App. You can also create custom commands via IFTTT, giving you a more personal experience suited to your specific needs.

Via the mobile app, you can start, stop and park Automower®, along with sending it to charge. When connected to smart home devices, you can use voice commands to control your machine.

Start Your Journey Into The Future of Lawn Care

Automower® brings the power of modern technology and time-saving convenience together to simplify lawn care for homeowners and professionals alike. Easy to install and simple to set up, it works around you and the seasons - not the other way around.

Save time, power and money with smart features such as the weather timer and GPS assisted navigation while enjoying a beautiful lawn throughout the year - and all without disrupting the neighbours.

Discover the full range of robotic lawn mowers today to find the perfect Husqvarna Automower® for you.