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How Automower® Connect Integrates With Your Smart Home

Originally created in 2015 as part of Husqvarna’s advanced anti-theft features, Automower® Connect was developed as a way to track a stolen Automower® in real-time. However, as technology has advanced over the last 6 years, so have the capabilities of Automower® Connect.

Today, the technology enables you to start, stop, park, schedule and integrate your Automower® into your smart home. Gone are the days of manually programming your robotic mower. Using voice commands, IFTTT and the smartphone app, you have more control and personalisation than ever before. 

To help you understand more about how Automower® Connect integrates with your smart home, here are the main features.

Three Ways to Connect Your Automower®

Whether you want to connect to your Automower via Bluetooth, your cellular network or via your online Google account, the choice is yours. All three ways to connect offer different functions depending on your preferences and Automower® model. 

  • Automower® Connect
  • Automower® Connect @ Home/Automower® Direct
  • Google Home Assistant / Amazon Alexa

If you’re wondering if you can link your Automower® to your Google or Home Assistant App on your phone, the answer is yes. To set it up, all you need to do is Select "Connect Automower®" and the assistant will create a room called "garden" with the Automower® you have paired to in the app. You can then use voice commands to control the Automower® e.g. "Pause Automower® 450X"

The Automower® Connect Menu

With the Automower® Connect App for Android and iOS, you have access to everything you need to customise your mowing experience from the palm of your hand. From starting, stopping and parking your Automower® to viewing its current location, service history and statistics- keep on top of your lawn from anywhere in the world.

  • Dashboard - Start, stop and view Automower® status.
  • Map - Shows current and last known location.
  • Settings - Cutting height, timer, installation & security.
  • Statistics - Cutting time and Automower® activity.
  • Messages - Automower® alerts, updates and communication.
  • Support - Manuals, maintenance & troubleshooting resources.
  • Smart Home - Setup mowing rules and connected devices.
  • Buy Blades - Buy blades and accessories for your Automower®.
  • My Mowers - View data about all of your connected Automowers.
  • Account - Private account information and app settings.

The menu provides a fluid and easy-to-navigate interface that gives you access to all of the core features. Designed to be simple to use and easy to understand, put your Automower® to work with the click of a button.

Core Functions of Automower® Connect

While the Automower® Connect app has many capabilities, there are 4 core functions that stand out and work together to create a well-rounded system. In the past, your robot mower would be installed, set manually and left to operate to a set schedule. Today, you can start, stop and pause it from anywhere in the world, view real-time geolocations, personalise mower settings and so much more.

  1. Automower Remote Control - a simplified and streamlined user interface designed for easier starting, stopping and parking of your Automower®.
  2. Automower Scheduling - Set, view and change mowing schedules to fit into your life with a few taps on the screen.
  3. Theft Protection - Geofence, GPS tracking and live maps showing the location of your mower in real-time.
  4. Installation Settings - Customisable installation and operation settings that allow you to further personalise your Automower® settings.

Smart Home Connectivity

Automower® Connect make it possible for you to connect your Husqvarna Automower® and other compatible tools to smart devices including Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Integrated into your smart home system, you can use simple voice commands to start, stop, park and charge your Automower® from home and via your smartphone. No need to go out and press any buttons. Simply say “Alexa, park the Automower” or “Google, start the Automower” and let your smart device take care of the rest.

How IFTTT Automates Lawn Care Tasks

IFTTT allows you to create your own set of rules that determines what your Automower® does when they are triggered. IF This Then That (IFTTT) connects internet-enabled devices and cloud services to create automated commands. It all starts with a trigger. This trigger could be an email with a specified subject line, a tablet connecting to your home WiFi, an SMS with a code - the opportunities are endless. From here, the trigger communicates with an Applet, which in turn creates the desired action. From turning on a smart home lightbulb to locking doors, the only limit to IFTTT is your imagination.

The basics of IFTTT = Trigger > Applet > Action

Some examples of how IFTTT helps automate the Automower® for a more personalised user experience include:

  • Command: Park Automower® when family is home.
  • Trigger: Location service in IFTTT.
  • Action: Parks Automower® until the next scheduled start.
  • Command: Turn on Automower® lights at night.
  • Trigger: Clock service in IFTTT.
  • Action: Activates Automower® LED lights at a set time.
  • Command: Park Automower® when it rains.
  • Trigger: Weather service in IFTTT
  • Action: Parks Automower® until the predicted rain passes.

Want to schedule mowing times to avoid automated irrigation times? Need the Automower® to stop when the kids are home? Want regular status updates? Pretty much anything you want can be created via IFTTT - letting you create a completely personalised mowing experience to suit you and your home.

Frequently Asked Automower® Connect Questions

Q. How much data does the Automower® use each month?

A. The Automower® uses approximately 25MB a month.

Q. Can I link my Automower® to Alexa or Google Home on my smartphone?

A. Yes. Open the app on your phone and Select "Connect Automower" and the assistant will create a room called "garden" with the Automower® you have paired to in the app.

Q. Do I need multiple accounts for multiple apps or if I have more than one Automower®?

A. No. Once registered, you can log into all Husqvarna apps with one user ID.

Q. How many machines can I add to Automower® Connect?

A. You can add an unlimited number of Automower®  machines to the Automower® Connect app.

Q. Can I use a calendar to park my Automower®?

A. Yes. You can use Google Calendar to set an event for your Automower®.

Q. Can other users connect to my Automower®?

A. Yes. Friends and family can connect to your robotic mower temporarily via Automower® Direct or Bluetooth.

Q. How often does the GPS update in the event of loss or theft?

A. The Automower® will ping its GPS signal every 30-seconds for the first hour after exiting the set Geofence area.

Start Your Journey Toward a Healthier Lawn

Get ready to say hello to easy automation and goodbye to manual mowing with Automower® Connect. Easy to set up and accessible across a variety of devices, it enables you to integrate your Automower® Connect compatible tools to your smart home system in just a few clicks.

Rediscover the joy of your garden without needing to invest endless hours in keeping your lawn perfectly trimmed. Set your Automower® connected devices to start, stop and run to your own set of rules and enjoy the added safety and security of advanced anti-theft features.

Find your perfect Automower® online today or visit your local Husqvarna dealer to discuss your options, or for an in-store demo of how it all works.