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The best PPE for chainsaw use

It’s easy to get carried away once you get your hands on your new chainsaw, forgetting all about safety practices and the need for personal protective equipment (PPE). Safety clothing could mean the difference between a minor accident and a major injury. When operating a chainsaw, you should make sure your body is as protected as possible. But what is the best PPE for chainsaw use? Here is everything that you need to know.


Protecting your head should be one of your priorities. In case of kickback, the cutter bar can jump up unexpectedly out of the cut and straight onto you.

Of course, helmets are necessary because they don’t protect you from chainsaw accidents alone. They also provide extra protection from flying objects, such as twigs and branches that could fall from a felled tree.

Bear in mind that helmets, like any other piece of equipment, wear and weaken over time. A worn helmet may look okay but won’t be able to provide enough protection in case of an accident. It’s recommended that you replace your helmet every three to five years.

In line with the most recent regulations, Husqvarna has designed protective helmets that provide operators with maximum protection and exceptional comfort:

  • Forest Helmet. A durable poly-carbonate helmet supplied with hearing protection, sun peak and neck guard. Comes with the UltraVision visor, offering a 20% light reduction and clearer view. This helmet is approved for work on the ground.
  • Arborist Helmet Kit. This lightweight helmet is designed for professional arborists and is approved for work at heights. Comes complete with a protective visor and hearing protection. This helmet is not approved for work on the ground.

Visual Protection

When cutting, chips, dirt, and debris can easily injure your eyes. Whether you decide to wear a visor or protective goggles, you need to make sure that your eyes can’t be penetrated  by small flying objects.

Husqvarna’s range of visual protection products offer maximum eye protection for every possible requirement. The visual protection range includes:

Husqvarna’s UltraVision visor comes with only 20% light reduction of the whole mesh area compared to the standard 30% light reduction of a standard visor. 

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Trousers / Chaps

Conventional fabric doesn’t stand a chance against a running chainsaw. In case of contact with the chainsaw blade, the fabric is cut through immediately, and the operator’s body is left exposed.

Special fabrics that can withstand aggressive cuts and extreme forces have been and are still being developed.

The real challenge that most manufacturers face is creating protective clothing that’s durable but also light, flexible, and comfortable for the user. This is exactly what Husqvarna has achieved with the Husqvarna Functional Chaps.

Husqvarna Functional Chaps are designed to be easy to wear for light forestry work in hot conditions. High-quality materials (such as Cordura) offer maximum protection, while fastenings and quick release clips ensure safety, productivity and comfort while you work:

  • The lower part of the protection pad is reinforced to protect the saw protection material from tearing.
  • The open back offers increased ventilation, allowing you to stay cool while working.
  • You can adjust the chaps on your waist with an easy buckle.

Extra buckles and straps on the back ensure a perfect fit.

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You don’t want your hands getting anywhere near your saw’s chain during operation. No matter how careful you are, however, you need to be equipped with the best gear to prevent injury in case of an accident.

Again, anti-saw fabrics do exist but are incredibly inflexible on their own. Husqvarna offers a range of protective gloves that keep your hands safe while also providing you with a better grip, dexterity, and sensitivity:

  • Technical Gloves with saw protection. A durable, technical glove with saw protection 20m/s. The palm is made from goat leather with interlock jersey and grey foam. The comfortable seams follow the hand shape, while the thumb has a terry cloth fabric for wiping your nose and face.
  • Functional Gloves with saw protection. A comfortable, functional glove with saw protection 16m/s. The back is made with laminated spandex and the knuckles with nylon neoprene. Goat leather offers great protection against moisture, making this glove suitable for demanding jobs.

Both gloves come with a reinforced trigger finger in goatskin leather for an easier start.

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Hearing Protection

High noise levels can cause serious damage to the user’s hearing. Non-electric saws expose operators to more decibels than the recommended exposure limit of 85.

To prevent permanent damage, it’s crucial that you use proper hearing protection. Husqvarna offers a range of premium earmuffs  that suit all needs:

  • Garden Earmuff. A comfortable wide headband that puts less pressure on the head. The protectors are made from impact-resistant ABS plastic. This model can also be enhanced with a durable mesh visor.
  • FM Radio Earmuff. Why listen to the noise of your chainsaw when you can enjoy your favourite music while working? This new hearing protection offers maximum comfort with ear muffs individually designed for the left and right ear; perfect for radio communication in a high-noise environment.
  • Premium Earmuff w. Headband. Durable earmuffs developed for optimal ergonomics and prolonged use. Equipped with a unique polyurethane insert that provides maximum space for the ear.
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Your legs and feet are often exposed when cutting on rough terrain and dangerous slopes. Proper boots can protect you from front and side-way cuts.

Aside from feeling protected, you should also feel comfortable. Husqvarna offers a comprehensive range of comfortable boots made from high-quality materials:

The approved saw protection boots, Functional 24 weigh 2.5kg/pair and come with reinforced toe-cap and non-slip sole. They offer ankle protection while the ridge on the heel makes it easier to remove the boot. The Husqvarna Functional 24 boots meet all the necessary standards and requirements.

Don’t leave your safety to chance. Gear up and stay safe with the best PPE for chainsaw use.

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