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Husqvarna Group welcomes new research about robotic mower safety

A recent study from the University of Oxford on the danger of robotic lawn mowers to hedgehogs, highlights the vast differences in safety levels between robotic mowers. The robotic mowers from Husqvarna Group performed well in the test, as they amongst other safety features are all equipped with lightweight (3 g) pivoting blades. Husqvarna Group welcomes research on the topic and is looking forward to the next study from Dr Rasmussen.

In the Oxford study, researchers concluded that three technical features significantly increase the safety index of robotic mowers. These are all features that Husqvarna Group has in various combinations in their models today.

- The results of my new published study showed that some models of robotic lawn mowers caused extensive damage to the dead hedgehogs in the tests, but there were noteworthy differences in the degree of harm inflicted, with some machines consistently causing no damage. We discovered that certain technical features increased the safety index of the robotic lawn mowers. These were: pivoting blades, skid plates and front wheel drive, says Dr. Sophie Lund Rasmussen.

- We welcome the new research from Dr Rasmussen, and are eager to learn the outcome of her future research. We hope to be able to work closely together to continue to learn and thereby, further improve our products, Safety has been our top priority since we launched the first commercial robotic mower in 1995. This is fundamental to what we are as a company, says Margaretha Finnstedt, Director Innovation Lab at Husqvarna.

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About the research

In the study, which was conducted by Dr Rasmussen and her team of researchers from Oxford and Aalborg University, 18 models of robotic lawn mowers where investigated in collision tests with dead hedgehogs. Each robotic lawn mower was tested 12 times; using hedgehogs representing four weight classes and placed in three different positions. The dead hedgehogs had been collected from hedgehog rehabilitation centers, where their lives had not been possible to save.

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For more information, please contact:

Margaretha Finnstedt, Director Innovation Lab at Husqvarna

Dr. Sophie Lund Rasmussen
UK mobile phone: +44 7871837510
Danish mobile phone: +45 22117268