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How To Choose & Use a Grass Trimmer Like a Pro

When it comes to choosing the perfect grass trimmer for your needs, there are a few things to be aware of before making up your mind. Grass trimmers, also referred to as whipper snippers, cut and remove long grass and light foliage in areas that are hard to reach or require a straight edge. From understanding the different power types to looking at key features and accessories, here are a few pointers on how to choose and use a grass trimmer like a pro.

525LST Mark II Trimmer

Petrol vs. battery grass trimmers

As with most green space and garden tools today, there are two main power options to choose between - petrol and battery. In the past, corded electric whipper snippers were a popular choice. However, the need for a power cable restricted movement around shrubs, objects and furniture and limited how far it could reach, causing it to fall out of favour over time.

Here's a quick overview to help you understand the benefits of petrol and battery grass trimmers.

Petrol grass trimmers

Petrol grass trimmers are a familiar sight and sound to many. They offer plenty of power and performance for larger gardens and green space areas. They often represent great value, perfect for those on a budget or in need of something for their business. Some of the main benefits of a petrol whipper snipper include:

  • Easy to refuel in an instant when out on a job.
  • Typically offers more power for longer durations.
  • A great option for professional green space businesses.
  • Better for more fibrous grass and light foliage.

Battery grass trimmers

Battery grass trimmers offer all of the benefits of their corded, electric counterparts (minus the restrictiveness and lack of manoeuvrability). They also equal their petrol counterparts, coming with a few additional benefits you and your neighbours will appreciate. Some of the main benefits of a battery grass trimmer include:

  • Zero exhaust fumes or direct emissions.
  • Quieter than petrol engines.
  • Fewer vibrations for more comfortable use.
  • No need for oil and fuel.
  • Typically lighter in weight and easy to handle.
Automower 305/310 Mark II/315 Mark II + Grass Trimmer 110iL

Key features to look for

Whipper snippers come in various models, each with their own key features and benefits. From different power options to various cutting styles and weights, here are a few key features to consider:

  • Size and weight of the whipper snipper.
  • Power output.
  • Cutting width.
  • Metal skid plate.
  • Auto return stop switch.
  • Easily visible fuel levels.
  • Multi-purpose functionality.
  • Able to use multiple accessories.
  • Fuel-efficient engine.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion technology.
  • Comfort grip handles.
  • Easy to transport and store.

The types of features available will largely depend on the power type of the grass trimmer. Battery whipper snippers may have optimised functions such as Smart Start® and SavE™ mode to help maximise run-time and usage. Petrol whipper snippers should ideally have visible fuel levels and inbuilt safety features. However, other features such as comfort grip and the ability to add compatible accessories should come as a standard, regardless of the model.

For the ultimate versatility and flexibility, a combi trimmer such as the 325iLK is perfect! It can turn from a grass trimmer to a hedge trimmer and even a pole saw in a few quick clicks. Making it an ideal choice for homeowners with limited storage space.

Battery combitrimmer 325iLK

How to use a grass trimmer

After you've found your perfect grass trimmer, knowing the best ways to use it will help to reduce your workload. Here are a few quick and easy tips and tricks to bear in mind when trimming grass with your new tool.

  1. Before using your for the first time, take a few minutes to read through the owner's manual. This will help you familiarise yourself with the model you have - even pick out some cool features you might have missed.
  2. Ensure you have adequate PPE, including hearing protection, eye protection and safety boots to prevent any accidental injury.
  3. Depending on your whipper snipper, it will either be powered by a 2-stroke engine or a Li-ion battery. For petrol grass trimmers, ensure you use a mix of petrol and 2-stroke engine oil - check out our link for how to mix 2-stroke fuel here. For battery models, ensure the battery is fully charged before use.
  4. For battery models, start your whipper snipper by pressing the start button. For petrol models, press the fuel pump bulb a few times before turning the choke fully to the left and then pulling the starter lead firmly towards you.
  5. For best cutting results, gently angle your trimmer head a couple of inches above the ground.
  6. When working alongside paths, patios and driveways, position yourself so that the rotational direction of the trimmer head ejects clippings away from hard surfaces. This helps reduce the amount of post-trimming cleanup.
  7. Know how much length your grass trimmer wire has when in operation so you can avoid causing unwanted damage to young trees, plants and objects.
  8. Use a side-to-side sweeping motion while slowly moving forward when clearing large areas of tall grass.
  9. For grass trimming along fences, borders and paths, hold the grass trimmer to the side of you in the direction you are moving and slowly sweep back and forth.
  10. Cleaning and storing your grass trimmer. After each use, brush or wipe away clippings with a dry cloth, inspect the grass trimmer line and replace as needed. Remove the battery if there is one and charge it. Or for petrol trimmers you can store it with petrol in the tank if you will be using it within the next 6 weeks, but any longer it is best to drain it and store it in a jerry can.

Meet your perfect match

With a wide range of whipper snippers to choose between, taking care of long grass and hard-to-reach areas will soon be a thing of the past. Still not sure which grass trimmer will be best for you and your needs? Your local authorised Husqvarna dealer will be happy to help you make the right decision.

View the Husqvarna grass trimmer range here.