Xplorer Solid outdoors farm 5

Change clothes, not who you are

Even if you’re not handling dangerous machines, or performing at your absolute best at the moment, you may still want to show that you are a proud professional. The Husqvarna Xplorer series is designed with that in mind. These leisure wear clothes and accessories will help you feel comfortable and express your workday confidence in your free time.

Xplorer, Shell Jacket, Women

Quality clothes for quality time

The high-quality Husqvarna Xplorer collection offer a continuation of your professional look. Together with carefully selected materials, a comfortable fit and lots of nice little functions that will help you explore more, the clothes and bags work perfectly for any quality time.

Xplorer Solid outdoors farm 4

Accessories for outdoor tasks

For each journey or task there is always a pack of necessities to bring - for your personal comfort, or perhaps to help you go further into the unknown. In the Husqvarna Xplorer accessories range you will find many of those items, such as durable backpack and a spacious duffel bag - all equally useful and stylish.