We are Swedish-born

We respect nature and we empower our customers to care for the things that grow. We are inclusive, open. We focus on productivity and performance providing efficient and easy to use products that help make your workday the best it can be.

Our history

Tiller TF545 Corn field
Light Agriculture Professionals
We supply a range of products for light agriculture use to improve your productivity and maximise your crop yields. From chainsaws and brushcutters for maintenance around the farm to tillers for soil preparation, sprayers for crop care and utility products such as water pumps and generators. All designed with Husqvarna’s focus on durability and performance. We are your partner in the field.
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Automower 305
Residential Users
Husqvarna’s range of tools lets you take on your biggest projects trusting the job will get done right, no matter the size of your land. Our Battery Solutions allows you to use the same battery for an entire range of tools, while maintaining a consistently powerful performance throughout. Making garden work smarter, our intelligent Automower® cuts your dream lawn for you, using built-in weather adjustments and calendar coordination to always keep one step ahead. We are upgrading everyday.
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Chainsaw 565 Campaign image - South Africa
Tree Care Professionals
Our ergonomically designed equipment is built with you in mind to maximise output and minimise down time. Developed to suit all tree professional needs from Forestry to Urban Tree Care, Husqvarna’s range of chainsaws and cutting equipment is the solution to your in-field needs. We are game changers.
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Zero turn Z560X ZTR Highway cutting
Green Space Professionals
Lawn care made easy with our range of products designed to solve problems and create possibilities. With the right products and services your workday becomes more productive. Husqvarna offers everything from Ride-on mowers and brushcutters to hedge trimmers and pole pruners as well as Husqvarna Fleet ServicesTM digital fleet management system to keep track of your equipment. We are your very best workday.
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