Lightweight multi purpose trimmer, perfect for homeowners. Easy starting with Smart Start® recoil system and fuel pump. Strong, braided wire cable drive. Comes with easy loading T25 semi automatic trimmer head.

28 cc, 0 hp, 11.11 lbs


$ 219.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 128LD

  • Stop switch automatically resets to the ON position for easier starting.

  • Removes air from carburetor and fuel system for easy starting.

  • The engine and starter have been designed so the machine starts quickly with minimum effort.

  • Tooless coupler separates shaft for easy transport and storage.

  • Multi-purpose machine with several attachments available as accessories.

Product reviews for 128LD

HUSQVARNA 128LD 4.3 5 286 286
GREAT Trimmer Great Trimmer, I wish the fuel tank could be bigger. July 13, 2013
So far so good I have had my new 128LD about a month and so far have been very satisfied. I bought the Husqvarna premix fuel and registered for the 4 year warranty, which is excellent. In 3 years or so I'll be able to give a much more important review. It's not hard for a new machine to get good reviews. Its the older reviews that really count. July 4, 2013
Lacks in power! I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I want to return this trimmer? The are many things that I do like about it but I'm having trouble deciding if the pluses outweigh the minuses. Pros: starts easy, feels good in hands, decent weight, controls are well placed, little vibration, much more quieter than other trimmers I have used or owned. Cons: lacking in power (this is my biggest con and not currently sure where I sit in this respect). For instance, it starts real easy following the label directions and once warmed up it idles nicely BUT when I go to squeeze the throttle lever it has a hesitation and almost a bogging down effect. And even when it does finally move past that stage it never seems to run at its top end without sounding like in someway it's choking itself slightly. Another con that I didn't realize until after I purchased was it only accepts the "cheaper" branded attachments. Who wants to spend money on cheap stuff that won't last long. This unit I would think should at the very least accept its own branded (Husqvarna) attachments, why not!? One last con but small is this thing should come with a shoulder strap for its price but does not. I ended up buy a universal strap kit from the other company that make orange tools. It attached nicely on the shaft and is a much wider more comfortable strap than the cheaper ones I saw in store. So the engine issues can maybe be fixed with some tuneup but why should that even be an issue for me to address, it's brand new and should run at its best out of the box. Even if it is addresses with a tuneup I have to wonder if it is a early sign that it'll cause more issues down the road? Who knows? I should mention that I purchased the 50:1 Husqvarna premix fuel cans so I know it's not the fuel. Still, however, on the fence? June 25, 2013
Just bought it today Just bought it today. It won't run at full throttle just bogs out and dies. JUNK comes to mind, I'd been better off with a cheaper mtd June 17, 2013
Lots of power in a small package. Having used commercial trimmers in the past usually I look at the size of the string engines size for edging and ease of use, this trimmer has all three in a lightweight and easy to use package. Adding attachments is a breeze. As power is concerned it has plenty and then some. The trimmer has a great price and great performance. June 17, 2013
My 128LD is awesome!!!! Bought this trimmer in dire need of one. I did so much research about this prodouct because I was tired of spending money on useless trimmers that fell apart after being used or not starting after sitting for the winter. The torque on this trimmer is impressive. If their trimmers are this good I can only imagine how their other products are. June 15, 2013
Died after 4 years I was pretty happy with this trimmer until today. Prior, it worked fine, if it did tend to cover me in greenery. Power was good. Was a bit heavy, but I suppose that's to be expected. Today it ran for about 30 minutes, then just died. It's gone. This my fourth summer with the machine, a total of about 20-25 hours of use. I expected better for the price. May 30, 2013
Universal Attachments I'm in the same boat as most consumers that have a pile of universal split boom attachments (TTI - Homelite/Ryobi/Toro, Poulan, and MTD) in need of a good power head. After doing all the research the 128LD was the best choice since it is the most expensive and best quality trimmer that will accept these attachments unlike the 128LDx that has a spline shaft to accept Husqvarna/Redmax attachments. Not doubting that the Husqvarna attachments are better, but when you already have attachments like the tiller, blower, edger, etc... that gets low usage it makes sense to go with the 128LD. I've read the reviews of people comparing this machine to the Poulan Pro, they also forget that Husqvarna owns Redmax which is arguably one of the best if the not the best trimmers. The 128LD more closely resembles the Redmax. Owning this trimmer for about a month now, I have no complaints. I may have a different opinion after the fuel lines, primer bulb, and the carburetor gums up after a few years of use like almost all string trimmers do. I'm hoping that these components are better, we all know sooner or later you will run fuel with 10% ethanol, because you may not use the expensive boutique fuels or can't find ethanol free gas. Best advice don't let this machine sit up and use only ethanol free gas as often as possible. This machine is replacing a 6 year old Toro (TTI) and a 3 year old 33cc Craftsman (Poulan), with the same issues with the carburetors with kits in them the don't stay running. I'm hoping the Zama on this machine is a better carburetor than the Walbro on the Toro and the Zama on the Craftsman. This is a nice machine overall for a homeowner that wants good quality. May 20, 2013
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