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Husqvarna understands that it may be our name on the equipment, but that it's your name on the line. We believe it's your reputation that makes us successful, and after talking with hundreds of dealers, we understand what we need to do to make your business more successful with Husqvarna.

  • Industry leading margins that have helped thousands of Husqvarna dealers make more money
  • The unique All Year Plan - one of the most comprehensive total support programs in the business
  • Growth incentive rebates that reward you for growing Husqvarna lines inside your store

With its incredibly deep, multi-segment product line and its heirtage of quality, Husqvarna enjoys a premium brand perception that will attract high dollar, repeat customers.

Unique All-Year-Plan

Generous growth rebates, advertising support and merchandising opportunities - a dealer-proven system that will grow your business year after year.

One Brand, Full Line

With the most comprehensive line of OPE in the industry, Husqvarna could satisfy almost every customer.