Husqvarna two stage snow throwers are innovative, powerful and include more standard features than comparably priced competitive units. The 924HV features remote chute rotation and a remote deflector plus a standard LED headlight for greater visibility in less than favorable conditions.

LCT, Chain drive, Two-stage, 24 inch


$ 799.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 924HV

  • Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

Product reviews for 924HV

HUSQVARNA 924HV 4.3 5 29 29
great product I purchased this produt for my husband due to his disability. In the few storms we did have he have praised the ease of use for himself but have said that it would be easier if the throttle was on the opposite handle. May 18, 2014
Starts easily every time I bought one these or it's precursor in 2006.We had nearly 60" of snow this year. Our biggest snow was about 10" had go a little slower on that one. Could use a little more power. Also my model doesn't have remote deflector control. I see they have updated this problem and added an led light along with larger wheels. Deep snow needs larger wheels. 24" model works better than neighbors wider model. They couldn't go through very tall drift until I made a pass. I've made only one repair and it was minor. March 10, 2014
Warranty issues Overall been very happy with thrower but initial issues with no start condition, warranty process & having to pay for repair plus no information as to engine warranty left me questioning whether I would recommend this to someone. Being a warranty administrator for a large diesel truck & engine manufacturer I felt I was knowledgeable in the process but felt put off by the fact that the repair although simple should have been covered. March 8, 2014
Not what i though I was pumped to get my new thrower in some snow that my wife got it for me for Christmas/Birthday I will say 12/14.. We Figured it was at the right price, seemed mechanically sound, all metal construction( Ariens look a like) and she loves reading reviews and doing research before jumping into anything. Well the first couple storms went well started first pull every time and then the machine started shaking it self apart.. First the metal piece on top of the shoot that holds the spring decided to let one of its spot welds go so that decided to vibrate the paint right off the side of the shoot. Then after I started the machine it decided to not walk it self down the drive way for a couple of minutes. Now the last storm the directional cable that controls the flap on the shoot decided to let loose and shook . Noting like having 13" of snow getting thrown straight up into the wind right back in your face.. All and all the machine has good enough power to handle whatever mother nature throws at you and handles the pile up in front of the drive way well also but I would have liked it to stay together for atleast one season in the northeast.. I put no as my would I recommend the product and if there was a maybe tab I would have hit that one. February 13, 2014
GREAT MACHINE This is my third year with this machine,and I have to tell you,I am not disappointed.I do my driveway,and my neighbors.I then open two other neighbors driveways after the plows come.This machine doesn't skip a beat.It handled last February's blizzard with no problems.Moves the heavier wet snow also. February 7, 2014
Does the job brought brand new from Lowe's---- moves the snow very well. but I am returning it because the unit has no throtte control on the engine---The preset throtte makes the engine race for no reason. Even at the slowest speed setting, I have to partly engage the the drive handle lever to 'creep' the blower which wears out the drive belt. Then when I hit some deep snow, the engine then labors and drops the RPMs which makes me have to slip the drive to prevent stalling. There should be a throttle control on all gas powered equipment. Husqvarna people take note: I am not the only one dissatified with this flaw. February 7, 2014
Picked a good winter to buy a sweet snowblower!! Be prepared to be swept off your feet by this amazing snowblower! The folks at Lowe's called it the HUSKY! And they weren't kidding boy!! Seems like it hasn't stopped snowing for the last month, this thing cuts through the snow easily. The first storm we had this winter dumped 14 inches and the snow at the end of the driveway was about 25 inches deep, you know how the plow can pile it up! Well the HUSKY cleared it no problem! Saved my butt a couple times this winter already, I would definitely recommend the snowblower. January 5, 2014
Awesome snowblower Bought in winter of 2013 snow storm in Fairbanks Alaska. We got hammered with snow this machine took on a 13 inches of snow fall like it was a walk the park. I would highly recommend this over all other brands Husqvarna has the best drive train out there. I have used many other brand snow blowers but the 924 will never let you down and its the best bang for the buck and its competitively priced. Do not let size put you down the 208cc is a perfect match for this machine with even more power to spare. It's power to weight ratio makes it easy to maneuver too. I bought mine at a Husqvarna dealer it was assembled and ready to use. December 11, 2013
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