Premium "Crown Series" two stage units with a heavy-duty auger, high-speed impeller, heated handles and a standard LED headlight for greater visibility in less than favorable conditions. Track drive provides better traction with a unique tread pattern to reduce rolling vibrations. A heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission provides the power to get through deeper snow drifts.

LCT, Heavy-duty hydro, Two-stage, 30 inch


$ 2,499.96

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for 1830EXLT

  • Convenient trigger control power steering allows superior maneuverability in adverse conditions.

  • Snow is fed into the housing by an auger and then discharged through the chute by an impeller.

  • Connect to a power outlet and start the engine by pressing a button. Our starter system ensures that you'll never have to worry about a dead battery.

  • Adustable drift cutters direct deep snow into the auger housing for clearing.

Product reviews for 1830EXLT

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ITS A BEAST!!! I've had my machine for over 3 years now and have not had any issues like the other owners, granted I do my general maintenance after every use and I bought mine from a local dealer who takes pride in what he sells and ran the machine to make sure it was ready and tuned when I picked it up. We live in Missouri and have 500 acre fields around us so any snow we get drifts and becomes very deep quickly. I clear my driveway which is over 300 ft long and a parking area in front of my shop that is 60x80 itself and it takes me less than an hour. This machine is well worth the money and will take care of your needs forever if you take care of it. We did extensive research on all the brands on how they were built and most are using friction disks which wear out way too fast and are a pain to replace, this uses a hydrostat pump and is much more durable. June 19, 2014
Terrible Product and Customer Service If you're thinking about purchasing this model (or buying Husqvarna products in general), think again. My new 1830EXLT snowblower arrived from Jack's Small Engines in MD yesterday and once assembled and running could not be steered. Trigger mechanisms for turning would not engage rendering the snowblower a 350 pound paperweight. I thought this might be a matter of a simple adjustment so I called Husqvarna "customer service." Husqvarna CS was as frustrating as the their product. The CS rep claimed Husqvarna could not answer any questions, provide simple suggestions or offer basic information due to "liability." The CS rep gruffly told me they "didn't have time to go over every part and problem with me" and that I had to take the unit to an authorized dealer. I called a local certified Husqvarna dealer...still waiting on a return call. Over all, Husqvarna is a major disappointment on all levels; quality, service, and support. And in the way of major inconvenience, I have no means of snow removal in the dead of winter. February 19, 2014
Piece of Junk I bought it 2 years ago. I had to replace motor... The auger get jammed 2 times. The turning triggers get locked. Belts are worn. When it works it is great... When I look at it, I feel crying. The worst snowblower in the history of human kind. I had Yard Machine for 8 years. Never had any issue. February 6, 2014
With a little work... It will throw snow, rocks, pets, and small children pretty darn far. Traction is unmatched on snow but it will slip on sheet ice. Very wide, powerful, has hand warmers that work like a champ, and if you remember to let the machine do the work then it really is a solid tank of a blower. The down side is the steering really. The tracks seem to randomly catch or engage/disengage. I suppose it could just be slipping on ice, or the front skid catching an edge, but it really does seem to want to go wherever it likes. The other problem (could be related) is that the track steering is controlled with cables instead of linkages. Been blowing with this thing less than 4 hours or so and the cables hang up constantly. I know that frozen cables are just a part of owning a snowblower, and also that I can spend a few hours cleaning them out and getting some serious lubricant in there, but for the purpose of this review it's something I don't feel I should have to do for the price tag on this unit. If the steering was smooth or if they used a linkage instead of a cable this could be a pleasure to use. The other down side is that it's just kinda slow. Because of the size of the unit and the fact that you WILL NOT move this thing unless it is running, it ends up taking too long to get the job done. Turns are tediously slow and you can't just fling it around for positioning like most people are used to doing. If you always have BIG snow then the power of this unit might make it faster for snow removal in the long run, but it really comes up short for the 30 times each winter that i only get an inch or two. Maybe I'll keep two blowers in the stable. Little guy for everyday, and this one for snow blowing small countries. January 8, 2014
Only used machine for five total hours and now the motor is shot.. Started my machine up for the year and it developed some new misses. I took it into the shop and they called me later that day to inform me that they had found metal shavings in crankcase.. I have only five hours on this machine. I've had the oil changed at the end of each year I've had it. I remove all the gas for the tank. I've have had it in the shop several times for leaking oil and poor steering problems... Every time it came back nothing seemed to be fixed.... The shop forman stated that this is as good as he could repair it.. I'm very dissapointed with this machine. I've heard that the motor is made in china to save costs..Might have to get a new motor now... Should have bought the other brand of Orange machine... November 22, 2013
Not what I expected Bought one in the last half of winter last year. We have cold winters and hard windblown snow. I thought this beast would make snow blowing almost fun. However, after the 3rd time out, the drive belt started slipping. Apparently you cannot set the tension on the belt. Dealer says to just replace the belt because it might have become "glazed". I spent a bunch of money so I wouldn't have a heart attack moving snow...I'm thinking of selling the thing. Also, not too impressed with the tracks. I have to agree with an earlier comment, that they seem to be simply slapped onto a wheeled version. The cogs that stop the track for "staring" don't always work. Often, one will even engage on its own causing the machine veer left or right. ....if Husqvarna were to help me figure out these issues, I think I would keep it. October 7, 2013
1 week and problems bought the machine because of the name and it looked like a well built machine. first half hour of using, the "auger control rod" broke so that the drive lever would not keep auger engaged when I went to change directions, speed or chute angle or direction. Dealer did not have part in stock and ended up having to order. used a tarp strap to keep auger engaged so machine is usable. Then 20 minutes into snow blowing, the left track starts "skipping". Dealer is closed today so I guess I'm back to shoveling. Very expensive machine and I would have expected much better. March 23, 2013
Great product This can do the job. Gets job done fast. Machine dose the work, not you January 21, 2013
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