A true professional saw built for very demanding applications, including felling and general logging. The crankcase and crankshaft are extra heavy-duty and the carburetor has vibration dampening in order to handle high speeds and high loads. This saw combines low weight, high power and rapid acceleration with flexible operation.

70.7 cc, 5.3 hp, 15"-28", 13.4 lbs


$ 859.95

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Features for 372 XP®

  • Centrifugal air cleaning system removes larger dust and debris particles before reaching the air filter. This results in reduced air filter cleanings and improved engine life.

  • System designed to reduce vibration levels to the operator, which lessens fatigue.

  • Easier access to chain tensioning device.

  • Forged three-piece crankshaft for maximum durability for the toughest applications.

  • Sturdily built crankcase withstands high rpms and tough professional use, ensuring a long service life.

  • Allows you to control oil flow depending on application and weather conditions.

  • Better grip and a 7° offset handle reduces fatigue.

  • Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.

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Product reviews for 372 XP®

HUSQVARNA 372 XP® 4.5 5 38 38
Power when it's needed! We cut our own firewood, and living where we do, we have a lot of hardwood trees to cut. Around here, hickory and elm are the two hardest woods to cut. We were using a Jonsered 625ii and wanted a saw that was close in size and power to that saw, and that could run a 24" bar with ease. After looking at a lot of different saws, we chose the 372XP. We haven't used it a ton since we bought it, but we have put it through it's paces. The first thing that we really like is the snap on cover to access the spark plug and air filter. All of our other saws always involved screws to remove the cover. The air filter on this saw is the best that I've ever seen on any saw. It's like an automotive filter! It's easy to screw on and off. We also noticed that it stays pretty clean compared to other saws that we've run. The one complaint that we have about the saw is that it's easy to flood. We've flooded this thing a few times. I suppose that's just a matter of getting used to the saw. This saw is really easy on bar and chain oil. Make sure you read your manual and adjust the oil flow accordingly. Ours came factory one turn out, but we have a 24" bar and the book calls for 3 turns out. It's decent as far as gas consumption. Power is absolutely amazing. This thing screams! The other thing that we noticed is how smooth this thing is compared to our older saws. The anti-vibe on this thing is great. It's actually a bit lighter than the Jonsered 625ii even though this is a bigger saw and has a bigger bar than the Jonsered that we ran. Once this saw is warmed up, it's a breeze to start. You barely pull the cord once and it fires up ready to work. We've never had a warm saw start quite as easy. We don't use the decompression valve, but that's because we've never had one on a saw before and start ours fine without it. It is conveniently located at the top of the saw as opposed to the side of the saw like the older models. The clutch is an inboard clutch which is nice. The chain tensioner is the simplest that I've ever used. It's a really nice saw. It feels like it was designed to be easy to use, operate, and maintain. The owners manual could explain greasing the needle bearing a little better. Other than that, we feel that this saw is a quality saw and wouldn't be afraid to by another one if a tornado blew this one away! October 7, 2011
My last chain saw? Purchased from Madsen's Shop & Supply in Centalia, WA 3 years ago, I have used it primarily for wood cutting and some falling. Its power and light weight make it the best saw I have owned. Madsen's has great support for all Husqvarna pro saws and is staffed with knowledgeable people. I found it easy to maintain with a good web site and manuals. July 25, 2014
Great for medium sized trees I purchased the 372xp because I wanted a saw for falling trees and bucking trunks. The saw works great for falling, as it can run longer bars from 32-36". I feel it lacks the power necessary to buck large trunks with bars from 24-32". It will however, in time, certainly get the job done. The 372xp felt bulkier and seemed to lack the cutting power of my 365's. It may have just been me, or the saw, but my friend who also has great experience with the 365 felt the same. The 372xp is a great saw for falling trees, and bucking medium sized hardwood and softwood with shorter bars (20"). As a one saw armory this may be the perfect saw. I sold this saw, bought a 346xp, and a 390xp. July 13, 2014
Excellent Saw This is the second Husqvarna saw I have owned since 1980 and although I have used saws made by other manufactures provided by employers I like the power and reliability of the Husqvarna the best. The compression release makes this saw easy to start any time of year and it is lighter than the competitions saws of the same hp and cu in. June 10, 2014
Plaesed I have a husky 51 that I bought back in 94. I needed another saw so I bought a stihl 390. I did not like it. Compared to the 51 it sucked gas and the power was not there. So after a few years of disappointment I was looking again. I choose the 372. So far only 1 issue. The engine was cold and when I went to start it flooded out. I have no idea why. After pulling the spark plug and pulling the cord to get the gas out of the chamber it started in 2 pulls. The 372 has all the power that I need and then some. So all in all I am pleased with this saw. June 2, 2014
Plenty of power for the price! I bought a 372xp a couple of years ago cannot go wrong with this saw. I have a 20 & 28 inch bars for my saw. this model pulls the 28 inch chain easily, with plenty of power to spare. I really recomended the adjustable oiler, I really like the fact that you can put down not to little oil and not to much. The best advise that I can give anybody thinking of purchasing this saw is..." Just buy it, you cannot go wrong"! June 1, 2014
Great move-up in saws I moved from a 359 saw to this XP372 and it was everything I had hoped for in a new saw. I have some very large diameter trees that my old 20" bar could not cut. You can upgrade this saw to a 24", but the power is not there. I was cutting 40"+ diameter cherry trees (at the base) with ease. April 28, 2014
Great saw. Would buy another one. The 372 xp is a fast and strong saw. You can cut all day with it and it never gives any problems. Great for bulking, felling, and fire wood. March 25, 2014
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