The HU700F is self-propelled and equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck featuring collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn and high rear wheels allow for maximal maneuverability. A foldable handle provides easy storage and transportation.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 349.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Product reviews for HU700F

HUSQVARNA HU700F 3.6 5 100 100
piece of junk I bought this mower and used it for four months when the power controls suddenly stopped working. I brought the unit in for repair as it was supposed to be under warrenty and the technician claims the transmission was broke due to no fault of their own. I have to cough up another hundred and a half to fix it...worst piece of junk I ever bought would go back to a craftsman next time. I would steer clear of this mower at all costs. April 15, 2014
Discharge Deflector The mower runs fine but has a removable discharge deflector and every five feet of mowing it falls off and I have to stop mowing and replace it. A real pain in the you know what. April 14, 2014
Great mower. Easy to start Honda motor and easy to use controls. Great mower for the value. Only draw-back is the front wheel drive, should have got the all wheel drive for our hilly yard. April 1, 2014
HU700F Mower A great mower with solid construction and a terrific Honda engine. It started up on the first pull from the very first time and continues to do so. Unlike many other mowers that have a hard plastic front wheel housing assembly the Husquvarna is all steel. You can see the quality of its construction. It is made to last! The front wheel drive is terrific. I don't know how I ever got along without it on any of my previous lawnmowers. March 25, 2014
Great Value I spent a few weeks researching online before buying a new mower. I was replacing a push pug in… Honestly, I have a 1500 sq foot yard that is about as flat as a board being a new build area in the Phoenix burbs so it is what it is. The mower took me 10 minutes to put together and set up. It cut my thick Bermuda like a song. It did leave a little more clippings than I may have liked but it's the first mow of the season and I was to just lazy to bag. So I ran over the yard a second time and bingo bango my yards perfect! I engine is very nice, self propel was very easy to understand, and it didn't bog down in the high bermuda either. I would recommend this product to anyone with un to 1/2 acre or less to cut. Tip: You need to buy E-0 fuel. The sell it at all the big box hardware stores. You will kill any small engine with street fuel! I had ordered a competitor's product that was nearly the same price but didn't have the variable speed control and cushioned handle. I canceled that order because I liked the HU700F so much. I also bought a 125B blower after reading endless reviews online. I bought it because of the extended warranty you get when buying Husky 50:1 fuel. People this is a new brainer YOU CANNOT USE STREET FUEL IN SMALL ENGINES!!!! Get the right fuel and these machines will last forever. March 3, 2014
Limited review I am limiting this review based on the short period of ownership (2 months/6 mowings). I must say this mower has lived up to the ads. Very easy handling with the front wheel drive. Ample power for my relatively flat lawn. Cuts very fine & deposits grass evenly. Very easy to start - 2 pulls max. If I were to recommend any change it would be to the deck height adjustment which is performed one wheel at a time, seems cumbersome in todays age. January 3, 2014
Not as good as last mower I had I was very happy with the previous Husqvarna mower I purchased from Sears about 10 years ago. I felt it was the best mower I ever had so I decided to buy another when the good one died. Went to Sears again and bought the version with the Kohler motor (other one had Briggs & Stratton). Well, this mowers self propel mechanism never really worked too well until it finally dies late last year. Brought it to Sears for service and they said they did not service Husqvarna anymore. Brought it to an authorized dealer and they charged me for the service even though I had 3 year warranty I bought from Sears. Dealer fixed it at my expense but it broke down again. brought it back to dealer who got it fixed again (this time under warranty). Well, the self-propel mechanism/belt just died again. Very frustrating, especially since neither Sears or Husqvarna appear to be standing behind their product. not sure if this the exact mower I bought since the Sears part numbers do not appear on the HUSQ site but this looks like the one. November 15, 2013
Chintzy self-propelled mechanism Unfortunatley, I didn't even get a full season out of my HU700F, which I bought to replace a non-self-propelled Craftsman than lasted 10 years before finally shaking itself apart. When I purchased the Husky, I was initially impressed with the features offered (primarily the Honda motor) for the money. However, my initial excitement gave way to reservation following the first use, which made evident the extremely light-duty front wheel mounting setup, as well as the fragility of the plastic drive gears in the front wheels. This is not a lightweight mower, and any transfer of weight to the front wheels causes a good deal of flex in the mounting points. No exactly confidence-inspiring, especially if your yard is hilly and requires maneuvering around trees (like mine). Fast forward to today, when the front drive wheels locked completely on the first pass (on a non-hilly portion). I removed the cover from the belt drive assembly, and ascertained that the belt was tensioned correctly etc, making it clear that there is a malfunction in the drive unit itself. This after maybe 12 uses from new. I will say that the Honda motor has been nothing if not reliable and quiet, and that I very much appreciate the easy-start functioning that never requires more than a single pull, even after the mower has sat for a couple of weeks. As of this evening, the mower has been returned to place of purchase to be sent off for repair. I appreciate the warranty service, but I don't have much confidence in its long-term durability. November 10, 2013
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