The HU700F is self-propelled and equipped with a heavy-duty steel cutting deck featuring collection, mulch and side discharge, offering you added versatility in terms of mowing frequency and cutting results. Variable drive speed allows you to adjust the speed according to your needs and the condition of the lawn and high rear wheels allow for maximal maneuverability. A foldable handle provides easy storage and transportation.

Honda, 22 inch


$ 349.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Product reviews for HU700F

HUSQVARNA HU700F 3.6 5 100 100
Easy to start and simply the best mower for my needs & budget! As a "mature" woman, the easy start is essential. I do not have to get help from my children to use this mower. I call it my "therapist" because I feel so much better after an hour of mowing the yard. The results are so satisfying! I wanted the option of using side discharge and/or bagging, but I have been happy with the mulching mode. I can get close to fences and trees with this mower. The front wheel drive is wonderful! I recommend this mower to everyone! May 28, 2014
great mower Easy to start,easy to use has a very good honda engine. May 26, 2014
Pretty good mower I brought it home from my dealer in Richmond hill ga, they assembled it, I checked the oil, and gas, pulled the chord, fired right up. I set height, and it did a good job. The only thing that I have found that I don't like is the bag. It is too big of an opening for dumping into the paper lawn bags. But I cannot expect husky to engineer around that. It is very comfortable, and easy to is what I expected from husqvarna. May 25, 2014
First new mower I am very pleased with this mower - it only takes me 30 minutes to mow my entire yard instead of the 1-2 hours with my old worn out mower. The self-propelled mower works very well and is easy to use. May 25, 2014
Pop Goes the Wheels I purchased this model a little over a month ago, used it 4 times before the right front wheel popped off. I returned it to Lowes, since I purchased the extended warranty they gave me another. That was on the 26th of April, it is now a month later & guess what happened AGAIN!?! The same wheel has popped loose. After spending a total of $427.00 on something for this to keep happening does not make good sense or business. Sure I could return it back to Lowes AGAIN, swap it out for another or have them repair it, but why should I have to be inconvenienced with a manufactures issue? It's not even time for maintenance to be performed on this thing yet, not to speak, when I got it, the only thing I had to do was put the arm on it, the wheel issue is solely you guys issue but it is now my problem. Thanks! May 24, 2014
piece of garbage This lawn mower is horrible especially for the price. I got this lawn mower from Lowes and after one season I was replacing the tires, which cost me 75$. Than the handle grips come off easy and the plastic part that goes over the belt started to crack, because I have to stop the mower a lot to try to get the grass out. Because attaching a hose and spraying it out doesnt work good enough for this mower. Also the clutch peice when you pull it back well mine wouldn't disengage down and everytime I have to do it manually. This season the front propel has stopped working and now I have to figure out why and it is not the tires. On top of everything else there is a engine problem, which is expose to be under warranty but it is virtually imposible to get lowes to get a hold of honda for the warranty that covers the engine. I will not be buying a husquvarna ever again:/ May 23, 2014
Great Mower I've owned this mower for about a month now and have used it 4 times. It is a sturdy, well designed, and function loaded grass cutting machine. The Honda engine is a bonus and I expect a long life from it. It generally starts on first pull. The self propel mechanism is smooth and easy to use. The versatility of the cutting deck w/ mulch, discharge, and collection is great and each works without a hitch. The quality of construction on this mower feels solid and I hope for many years of service. May 19, 2014
Started with problems. When I first got the lawnmower out of the box I liked several things including the Honda motor, the height of the handle (my previous mower had a shorter handle height) and a peppy self-propelled drive. However, during my second lawn mowing, after less than 2 hours of use I began to experience big problems from the left front wheel. It was wobbling and loose. The wheel height adjustment would not stay set on that wheel and, on closer inspection, I could see an eighth inch gap at the axle between the parts with no way to tighten and take up the slack. The right wheel was tight and worked properly. The problem must have been in existence from the beginning, as I did not run into any objects. Thinking back, I did notice from the beginning that the mower did not track well and seemed to shift from side to side. I took the mower back to Lowe's, where I purchased it, and, as it had been less than 30 days, they exchanged it for a new one, which I have prepared to mow, but have not used yet. I did inspect the wheels and they seem tight. I'm hoping the problem on the first mower was an anomaly and the second one will work correctly. May 15, 2014
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