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Used twice-now won't start-just like so many others! I wonder who at Husqvarna reads these? Notice a consistent theme-failing to start? I used this twice-and by the way it's very difficult to push and maintain a consistent height. Pulled it out yesterday (it's maybe 4 months old) did all the right things-nothing. So I tried letting it sit in case it flooded-no luck. Then I tried over-priming and lo and behold it fired up! And promptly died. Nothing doing on subsequent pulls. Pumped it up several more times and presto! It fired up. And promptly died again. I'm sure I can spend a few hours this afternoon trying to fix, maybe pull the carb and fiddle or clean it. But for $350 why should I have to do that? Bad product Husqvarna people-please pay attention to your customers who are taking the time to send you specific feedback. April 13, 2014
Beast I use this thing on a daily bases. It is an absolute beast, my crew actually nicknamed it the beast. The first day I used this I primed it... bad idea. I have found that if i do not ever prime it, it will start first 2 pulls. No matter how long i let if sit for it starts fine with no priming. The first day i mowed about half an acre of 18 inch tall grass. From there on i cut wetter and taller grass, and it handled it like it was nothing. I use it to mow yards with a lot of debris since it is less likely to pick it up. It does a decent job of cutting shorter grass but mainly used for really tall grass. Over all this thing is a beast and has taken everything i throw at it with ease. September 27, 2013
Nice surprise 1) I was reluctant to purchase because of the reviews and the Briggs and Stratton engine. By chance, I saw a 'customer returned' model at Lowes. The price was attractive but Lowes said the previous owner said it was 'hard to start'. Lowes started it on the first pull so I decided to purchase the trimmer. I got home and it wouldn't start. By chance, I tilted the engine back and it started. When I placed the trimmer flat, the engine ran rough and it would 'cough' gas out the air intake. I was really questioning my purchase. I decided to pull the carburetor. After taking it apart, I found the float 'stuck' in the down position hence the 'coughing' out the air intake and only running at an angle. I removed the float and the needle and found a rubber 'O' ring had dislodged and was preventing the float needle from moving all the way. Once I repositioned the 'O' ring, the float moved correctly. I reinstalled the carburetor. It runs like a champ now. It starts hot or cold and takes no more than 2 pulls. I cant comment on the durability but it idles smooth and throughout the rpm range. 2) Regarding the ergonomics, I'm 6' tall and all power equipment handles seem to be about 4 inches too short. 3) B&S didn't put a drain plug on the engine. To drain the oil, you have to tilt the engine over. Total pain. September 26, 2013
Wouldn't start after the 2nd use This machine did what it was supposed twice. I tried to start it for the third use, and it wouldn't start. I've had a Craftsman before and got this one instead based on reviews not on this site. The Craftsman disappointed me because it lasted less than 3 years. This lasted less than 2 months. Will take advantage of the warranty and get my money back if I can. I would like to have one, so I'll get a craftsman. September 19, 2013
This product didnt perform as advertised We purchased a new Husqvarna HU625HWT. We folded down the handle, filled it with oil and fuel and powered it up. I instantly thought the plastic throttle was too flimsy to provide any kind of durability, but that wasn't the worst part. As I moved towards some thick weeds about 15-20" tall, the flimsy red cutting line broke on one side within about 10 seconds. I did buy extras and tried again, only to find the same result. I tried the mower in short grass, but it didn't cut that either because there was so much turbulence from the cutting lines it folded the grass over so it couldn't be cut. After just a few minutes of use, I figured this product wasn't going to cut it, literally. I returned it to where I bought it and expressed my disappointment. They allowed me a full refund. I'm hoping Husqvarna realizes this is a poor product. I was hoping there would be an email address on their website to inform them, but after 15 minutes of trying I couldn't find anything. September 10, 2013
Throttle Flaw I am writing this out of frustration on a throttle design flaw. This is my second trimmer mower this summer. I returned the first one for the same issue. This happened on BOTH MOWERS, on the VERY FIRST TIME using them, the throttle adjustment broke. The cheaply crimped-on metal grommet that holds the throttle cable into the adjustment lever housing on the mower handle, did not grip the plastic cable sheathing and allowed the cable to pop out of the lever housing rending the throttle inoperable (photos attached below). A simple fix of putting glue along with making sure there is a good adequate crimp on the metal grommet would go a long ways. In addition, the throttle adjustment housing is sooo tight and dry, it would not allow me to shut the trimmer off when pulling the throttle to the off position (had nothing to do with the grommet failure). I had to lubricate it to with a light coating of grease to make it function properly. (I had read about this same issue in other reviews on another site.) I am very fortunate I very mechanically inclined from being in the agriculture industry my whole life...operating heavy equipment, maintenance, etc. I feel this MTD cheaply manufactured product is way over priced! I am glad I had a coupon which I used at a large home improvement store, because I would never buy this trimmer at full price. Also, upon opening the box to assemble the trimmer, While doing an inspection of it, I noticed there were bolts that we not even tightened from the factory. (photo attached below) September 8, 2013
Recommendation The company should manufacture this product to function as a weed eater as well. Most of my neighbors have resorted to the use of a contractor because trying to maneuver a weed eater for some is difficult. If the user was able to walk along a fence line and cut weeds which exist, it would be awesome. Either extend the cutting cords or a pivoting head which allows you to primarily function as a rolling weed eater July 25, 2013
Would not want to be without it We have 13 acres to upkeep, with pastures, garden, etc. this is my favorite power house to use. De-caning raspberries ... No problem... Weeding around trees, fence lines, paddock, etc.... No problem! No problem starting on the first pull. Easy to change trimming cord. Goes and goes... Love this machine. Made my life sooo much easier... I was lugging around a hand held trimmer and that was very tiring and cumbersome. I did purchase mine from a reputable dealer completely put together not Lowes! We felt we could count on their reputation along with that of Husqvarna. Highly recommend!! July 9, 2013
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