This efficient mower features a compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and three cutting systems, collection, mulch and side discharge. The handle folds for easy storage and transportation and double ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and durability. The 7021P also offers 4-point, 9 position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions.

Honda, 21 inch


$ 289.95

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  • Handle height adjustment

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HUSQVARNA 7021P 4.4 5 46 46
Poor Deck design I purchased this mower because of the Husqvarna name and the Honda engine. I replaced a 15yr. old Toro. I've mowed my yard several times now, and found that the wheels are mounted wider than the deck, and the blade is much smaller than the inside of the deck. This keeps me from mowing close to anything, and it leaves an uncut strip on the inside of each tire track. You must overlap much more than just 1 tire track to get this area cut. I wish they had taken a good look at some of the better mowers before deciding to get into the mower market. The tires also have very square corners that catch on everything you try to mow close to. I should just take the Honda motor and the ball bearing wheels and put them on the old Toro... it would do a better job overall. I've founds ways to work around the faults, but it's not nearly the mower the Toro was, and I expected better from Husqvarna May 15, 2013
Good mower for the price I'm on my second season with this mower, and it works fine. It usually, starts on the first or second pull, depending on my timing - there's a spring loaded choke you have to pull back, before it returns to the off position. At times it can stick, but most of the time it's fine. The mower does a great job mulching, rarely leaving any clippings in sight. It's light and easy to push, which is what I wanted for trimming and walking behind. I was sold on the ball bearing wheels and engine. Overall, if you want a simple mower it's a good buy. May 4, 2013
Quality mower Good quality mower for a very resonable price! I am VERY pleased with this mower! April 27, 2013
Good mower I have only used the mower a few times, but I like it so far. The Honda engine starts easily, and the high wheels make pushing easy. It cuts great and I would recommend it to others. April 22, 2013
One of the best push mowers available It starts on the first pull. The wheels connect to metal parts. Comes with a real mulching blade. Feels light and is maneuverable with the big rear wheels. The safety stop bar has added high quality rubber grips in the 2013 model, so no finger pinching. It is a very comfortable solid grip. Comes out of the box just about ready to mow. Powerful engine. In summary, I can't imagine anything else I would want in a mower for my smaller lawn. I almost bought one of those reel mowers but luckily caught myself. A mower is supposed to easily cut grass and make my lawn look beautiful, not get me in shape. April 18, 2013
Needs Redesign in Blade Area I have been using a different brand push mower. I liked the weight and design of the 7021P so I recently purchased it. I have mowed one time with it. The only problem that I had, and to me this is a problem, is with the front underneath area that first touches the grass. The circular device that helps with the mulching is too low in the front and needs a more rounded edge. It catches on the grass (I have an established lawn) instead of gliding over it so that the blade can cut. Several times I had to pull the mower back off of the grass that it was caught on to then try going forward again. I was mowing early Spring grass so the grass itself was not that thick, just the thatch. I will need to change something underneath or this will be an ongoing problem all summer. All else with the mower was very good. April 14, 2013
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