This efficient mower features a compact design, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces, and three cutting systems, collection, mulch and side discharge. The handle folds for easy storage and transportation and double ball-bearing wheels ensure smooth operation and durability. The 7021P also offers 4-point, 9 position cutting height adjustment for varying lawn conditions.

Honda, 21 inch


$ 289.95

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HUSQVARNA 7021P 4.4 5 48 48
Handle Height & Grip The mower performs well as adveryised but the limited range of up & down motion of the handle is not very well suited for any one 6 feet or taller causing an unnatural bending of the wrists. Along with the handle height wrist angle the grip thickness of the handle & saftey brake lever together are a little bit cumberson. August 21, 2013
Excellent lawnmower I was skeptical about this lawnmower....I've always used Toro's....but I am very impressed with this one August 5, 2013
okay I was very excited to see that someone had taken a Honda engine and put it on a different frame. I have worked in the lawn care business for many years and have had great luck with Honda engines but could not stand the decks. This mower took a well made frame and put a great engine on it. Unfortunately, ever since I bought this mower it has been vibrating bad enough to make my hands numb, and has also been leaving a small stripe of grass up the middle. I love the design, and the engine, but performance has been lacking. I am going to try a non mulching blade and see if that helps. July 28, 2013
this mower is great i bought it in 09 brand new and i have never had a problem i mow 1/2 an acer with it and i did mow about 4 acers with it a week and it did just fine i love it and i will run it til it falls apart and after that i will get a nother 1 all in all best mower i have ever had July 27, 2013
Flimsy handle I am overall pleased with the product, but this mower has the worst handle I have ever used in 40+ years of mowing my lawns. The handle is flimsy, and every time I turn a corner the handle pops out at the bottom. I'm quite disappointed in this considering the reputation of Husqvarna and the quality of the rest of the mower. July 26, 2013
Great sub $300 mower I purchased this mower about a week ago and had it shipped to my door from a retailer. When it arrived, it was nearly assembled, so there wasn't much to do except tighten the handle and add gas and oil. (My attached picture is how the mower was packaged from Husqvarna) I elected not to use the included oil, rather went with Royal Purple 10W30. (The manual says high quality detergent oil 10W30 is approved for the engine.) Also, I use premium fuel, since I’m only buying about 2 gallons at a time. I push mow ¼ to 1/3 of an acre, and after the first use, I was happy with my purchase! I burned about ¼ gallon of fuel in the 45+ minutes it took to complete the job. I did not have to refuel while mowing. For my first mow, I used the collection bag and I emptied it 3 times. My grass was kind of high due to all of the rain we had for the past 3 weeks in central Ohio. I can’t complain about that seeing as I have a decent sized yard. I will try the mulching method next time. My prediction is it will much just fine. With the collection method, it did a great job of not leaving any clippings behind even when the bag was just about full. The first startup was a breeze. I added the gas and oil (*see note below) and I pulled maybe 3 times before it fired up. Absolutely no smoke and it ran as smooth as could be. The only thing I can’t rate is the durability of the mower, since I’ve owned it for a week. *One side note I will add for those of you who elect not to use the provided engine oil: The manual says a dry engine will take 18.5 oz of oil. 18.5 oz = 0.578125 quarts. I added exactly 0.5 quarts (16 oz), and checked the oil level once settled, which indicated it was full. I pulled the starter cord a few times to cycle the engine, and it still indicated it was full. I started the mower (in about 3 pulls for the first startup) and let the engine run for about 2 minutes. After allowing the engine to rest for about 10 minutes, I checked the oil again, which indicated it was full. Obviously I didn’t continue to add the other 2.5 ounces of oil, since I didn’t want to overfill the engine. I would suggest starting out like this, and making sure you are not overfilling the system. Just a minor difference that I noticed between the manual and what was actually observed. July 18, 2013
7021P Husqvarna Mower 1st: The Honda engine is great; starts the 1st pull every time. 2nd: The mower pushes easily. 3rd: Cannot evaluate durability; owned only a few months. 4th: Machine manual is poor or wrong on blade sharpening. 5th: EASY to overfill gas tank. Must fill very slowly. 6th: Flimsy handlebar attachment method. Easily fixed. I am a BSME retired manufacturing engineer specializing in Design for Manufacturing / Assembly. I could help Husky improve their products. July 12, 2013
excellent mower I have had this mower for 2 months and am very pleased. It starts easily, the bag attaches and detaches simply, it is lightweight and does a nice job. July 2, 2013
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