Husqvarna DRT900H

The dual rotating tines on the DRT900H provide deep soil tilling on densely packed earth as well as older lawns. The DRT900H also features drive wheels with heavy tread tires for optimized grip, forward and reverse gear for easy operation and a powerful Honda engine for landowners that need reliable performance time after time.

Honda, GCV160, 6.9 lb-ft, 17 inch


$ 799.95

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Features for DRT900H

  • One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

  • Heavy treads provide better grip in cultivated and muddy soil.

  • Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

More features

  • Reverse gearbox
  • OHV Engine

Product reviews for DRT900H

Husqvarna DRT900H 4.3 5 42 42
trouble shifting Bought tiller with snow on the ground. Went to get it ready for mothers day, added gas started ran good. Tried all the gears and wouldn't go into forward tine gear, contacted Home of Economy and was told to bring it in and exchange it, then they wouldn't cause it was "used" with gas in it, called cust support, all they could do was get me into a service center, on top of it all it's leaking oil. Bad Quality control. Have a $800 boat anchor till a brand new tiller can get fixed to use. May 22, 2013
Very Good Tiller Easy assembly. Easy starting. Honda motor sips fuel. If between gears or tines are bound with wire or vines/roots, the motor shuts off. I don't know if this is a safety feature or if it stalling. Whatever it is, it saves the tiller. Does a beautiful job of tilling and cultivating. The only reason I gave a less than excellent rating on ergonomics was the left hand only clutch lever. The lever does not have a great deal of leverage and is tiring to the hand. It also only allows side walking on the left side. Other than that; the machine is well balanced and quite adjustable. If you want to transport more quickly- leave it in neutral and push- it rolls very easily. If you look closely at the gear position indicator- it has little squares marking the correct position. Shifting on heavy equipment almost always requires a little technique and practice to be accomplished smoothly. This machine is A+. May 20, 2013
Good Tiller This is a fine tiller, but it would be great if it would till deeper into hard soil. I used it to break up new ground and could never get it to work the ground as deep as I would like, but the top 5" or so is very nice to work with. Overall, it is a good tiller and easy to handle even in very hard ground. It does do a good job after tilling at least once on new ground. I think it will do a really good job in the fall and in the following years. The Honda engine is super! May 17, 2013
Belt Cover and Pully Set Screw Great product, well designed. The only thing that surprised me is assembley at the factory. 3 notable reasons: About 10 minutes into using it when I brought it home the belt fell off, as I went to remove the belt cover I noticed a circular dark line appearing on the outside of the belt cover, the paint was being burnt due to the pully rubbing against it. I removed the cover and realized the pull had fallen off because the set screw on the engine pully was not tight, actually was partially srewed in at an angle, the threads were damaged as a result. I was able to use my tap set to re-work the threads. Then I reassembled making sure the pully was as close to the engine as possible, hoping to correct the rubbing that was happening on the cover. After running a for about 5 minutes I noticed the burnt ring getting larger. Dissapointed I removed the cover and verified the pully was in the correct position, so I decided the only way I was going to get the garden completed to use pliers to pry the mounting tabs that hold the cover away from the centerline of the belt, giving more room for clearance without the drive tire rubbing. A lot of work that should have been caught upon inspection in the factory. Since then it has been a great machine. If a friend wants to use it, I just need to point out to them that the gear box indicator is not accurate and have used a permanant marker to indicate correct positions. May 15, 2013
Poor Design After only four uses the drive gear that drives the blades broke the welds that hold it on the shaft. The warranty service place I took it to for repair has now had it for two months and doesn't seem to be in any hurry to repair it. April 21, 2013
DRT900H the ground has finally dried up, so i decided to try out my mew tiller. starts great. moves a little slow in trnasport mode. this tiller ROCKS! i was a little discouraged when a tine shear pin broke but quickly learned to back off the throttle a little and had no more issues. it dug very well in what i call extremely rocky mountainous soil we have on top of our mountain in the shennandoah valley. pulled hard and steady. it did not take me nearly as long as i thought it would to till a 25'x25' plot. i especially like dual rotation tines! dug up virgin ground with the counter and then used the forward rotation to further work the soil. Overall i love this tiller. i would recommend this to anyone! April 3, 2013
Tiller Review I have had no problems with the tiller itself. My problem lies with my soil-with-roots. The roots bind up in the rotors after about two passes across the area. No fault of the tiller but I am going to just use the tiller on ground that I have attempted to remove the tree roots first. The only thing I might mention about the tiller is that it is somewhat difficult to know what position the transmission actually is at any time. The letters do not match up with the pointer very well. Tiller starts great and I hope it will continue to work for many years. October 28, 2012
OK - I bought One I decided to upgrade to the electric start which I'm glad I did although it may not be what you think. You have to plug it into an extension cord - there's no onboard battery. I thought that was weird but it made sense once I tried it. It fires right up and once it's warm the cord pull is a piece of cake. I also opted for the Briggs engine instead of the Honda. I love Honda but the Briggs is a little bigger and I think has a larger fuel tank. It kills quick when I jam up on big rocks which bothered me until the sales guy pointed out that it was better than replacing tines. I was able to till and clean a 40'X60' garden area in about 90 minutes - with no blisters. My friend recommended that I rotate the dead man throttle so the lever is under the handle - more of a natural squeezing motion but I noticed my hand gets tired quickly. I'll probably put it back the way it ships. Overall I'm glad I bought it. I was paying $75.00 to my neighbor every time I wanted the garden tilled. It will pay itself back in about three seasons - oh - don't lend it out. They never come back the same. October 23, 2012
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