Husqvarna DRT900

One of the few dual rotating tillers on the market, the Husqvarna DRT900 offers the advantages of both a forward rotating cultivator and counter rotating deep soil tiller. The 9.0 gross torque engine is powerful and able to handle the conditions a homeowner might experience. The DRT900 has a sealed transmission for long life and a sturdy frame.

Briggs & Stratton, 900 OHV Series, 9 lb-ft, 17 inch


$ 749.95

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price*

Features for DRT900

  • For safe and sturdy operation. The counterweight increases weight on the wheels and improves balance.

  • One gear forward and one reverse, for easy operation, maneuverability and transport.

  • Heavy treads provide better grip in cultivated and muddy soil.

  • Easy-adjust drag bar, for balance in different working conditions.

More features

  • Reverse gearbox
  • OHV Engine

Product reviews for DRT900

Husqvarna DRT900 4.3 5 31 31
my back feels good iv tilled with several tillers some that hop arround and dont have adjustable handles and now iv tilled with the drt900 i set my depth dig in an walk allong side it no back brakeing hopeing around no bending down to run it and no luging and tuging it has all the power it needs and the dule rotating tines to eather till or cultivate and it really makes a differince when it comes to digging in fresh soial im vary impressed April 27, 2013
Big motor but shifts hard at times. The DRT900 is a awesome tiller to break ground or larger tilling jobs. It had no problems on hard packed clay when using the tines in reverse direction regardless of depth selected. It is a big tiller to to do small jobs but then again you didn't buy this for your flower garden. The only issue I have is sometimes it will hang in gear and wont shift without a little bit of extra force. Then only question I had prior to purchase is whether to spend the extra money on the Honda engine which I didn't. Hope it continues to work as well as it does now. April 24, 2013
Starts on one pull The tiller starts on the first pull and is economical to operate. On my first use I was amazed at the small amout of fuel I had used. Operates good and easy to control. Only complaint is having to hold the lever to operate. My hand gets kind of tired. Also the exhaust should exit the front instead of the back of the tiller. February 15, 2013
Gas saver My rear yard is over 1 acer. The tiller only take about 1/2 gal to tilling 1 time. Super gas saver. January 25, 2013
Excellent for the price,and features Had it all put togather in less than a half hour. check it all out and gave it a try, my 90 year mother also gave it a try she liked it very much. Very easy to use on her close to 1/4 acher lot. It is well worth the price of $749.00 October 13, 2012
Power This product has the power to handle any garden task. The tines cut through the all types of soil with ease,even the hard compact soil cultivates with ease.... October 12, 2012
Drt900 AMAZING machine ! Now you have to use it as a machine and get used to how to use it . We have TOMBSTONE clay around here . No Problem . It powers thru the toughest "soil" If it is wet then it will work different than if it is dry soil. I think the tines are what makes the machine work so well . Other similar tillers don't have the design to make the poorest soil into better than screened top soil that I have purchased . I have a steep hill and it still does a great job , up or down. A lesser Machine would not do what this tiller does... It is not a toy and Wife can operate it . With a few minutes of careful instructions she was away and happy in her garden. One has to be careful operating the gear selector , and be sure that is is where you want it to be . Of course you need to be paying Full attention ... Our neighbours and the members of the local Horticultural Society are interested in using it. So looks like I willl be busy . Makes FAST work out of a hard job, and does it VERY well. I am Really Impressed with the great job it does ... Easy starting . October 4, 2012
Couldn't be happier In this price range, I haven't seen anything come close to what Husqvarna offers with the DRT900. We broke new ground for a garden and the tiller performed just how I expected. Granted, no tiller will eat through a rock, and I am aware of that. Excellent performance. The one downside is that the depth adjustment bar catches on the rear guard when you are lowering it from the "transport" position. Minor inconvenience. I can't comment on the overall durability as we have only had it for one season. No issues so far though, my wife can even start it with one pull. August 17, 2012
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